THE TEAMS: Valencia v Spurs


Spurs – Friedel; Walker, Gallas, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto; Jenas, Livermore; Lennon, Sigurdsson, Bale; Defoe.

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  1. Huddles come back from injury, Parker injured, sandro at the olympics! What do you expect? so happy I don’t live in the uk anymore to listen to the neg drowning of spurs fans – and I am one

  2. I contend that AVB has seen enough of Kaboul and Dawson and is giving Gallas and Jenas a final hit out to try and get a spot… At least that what I hope. Calm down… Sandro’s at the Olympics doing us proud and why risk Hiddlestone with only 1 week to go? He’s been out for ages injured. No need to hammer him into the ground with another game.

  3. Guys relax sandro is playing olympics, parker injured rat boy moaning jenas and Livermore are the only ones left!!! personally I have time for e manager wants a closer look at him jenas is probably gonna be a Thursday night squad player I hope!!!!

    We need a modric replacement and fast!!!!!

    I think we are in trouble if AVB tries to play us without any strikers for the season ala barca/Spain anyways COYS

  4. Jenas has been terrible , AVB cant stop using him like this and scaring us Yiddos, we are vulnerable at the moment with no striker still to be signed….

    Did you seriously see Jenas poor pass on 41 minutes, my god it lead to Friedel nearly having a coronary and having to come 40 yards off his line to bail him out.

    He only passes backwards, the guys shocking, omg I miss Modric

  5. This is a friendly fixture and shouldn't be read into to much.Maybe not our best 11 but Gallas has over 80 caps for France and JJ in my opinion is well worth a place in the squad. AVB knows what he is doing and so does Daniel Levy. CL Place this season.

  6. I’m fed up with mugs that don’t understand what a negative affect jenas has on the other 10 players.

    Surely he can’t have pulled the wool over this managers eyes as well??

  7. Holy Moly…wot a team line up….HELL! I've switched my support to Yeovil Town this year….and they dont really exist….Oh neither does this line up…..CL? I think NOT!!! Merry Christmas one and all.

  8. what the hell wrong with some you here, it's only a pre'son game against a very good valencia, shouldn't look too much in to it, one loss and it's doom already chill guys.

  9. Friedel – shocking.
    Livermore – why why why?
    Jenas. dont get me started.
    The high line of defense. We are a joke trying to play it.
    Defoe is meant to be a striker???
    The season starts in a week and we look like we need another 6 weeks to get a system together. Yeah we have some quality players missing but why do we still even have some of these totally rubbish players hanging around the Lane. Get rid and get some decent players in.

  10. OMG. What a reaction from some of you. Friedel was excellent last season and I trust him to be good again in this one. Livermore was good last year too – he's an excellent squad player. Jenas should be just released. Gallas is getting on a bit now but also did some sound work last year and will be agood squad player unless his wages are too high in which case we should sell him. Expensive squad players should got rid off.

    We certainly desperately need more power in the striker department and this must be and is major priority but unfortunately the very best of those players are very very expensive. If the very worse happens and we are left with Defoe and some emergency last minute buy then the other players should not be sending in crosses to Defoe's head but passing to his feet. Sometimes the players seem slow to understand that when the heat of the game is high.

    Levy is the best chairman in the EPL. We are financially strong because he is strong. I may not like the slow transfer pace but at least I know I will have a team to support in the future.

    AVB: Well, it remains to be seen. He talks the right talk but will he walk the right walk. I like the brains but the trick is whether or not he has the right players for his plans and/or he can adapt his plans to fit the players he ends up with. Time will tell whether hiring him was right or not. It may take us until Christmas to know for sure. I will give him that long before I make a final judgement.

  11. totally outclassed by an ordinary valencia team, wtf is going on at spurs? one week to go and we need 1-2 strikers, goalie, & playmaker (modric is definately gone as he can leave on a webster at the end of the season). I dont understand why the modric saga is affecting our pursuit of stikers/ gk, surely 90% of the modric money will go for his replacement so why is the money said to be postponing other transfer activity?


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