There has been blood over the walls over this – Spurs officials furious at blunder

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It has been revealed today that up to 15,000 seats which have already been installed at the new Spurs stadium will have to be ripped out after they were fitted without pigment that protects them from bad weather.

Plastic injection moulding firm Certwood who make the seats for the stadium reportedly forgot to add the pigment which would have turned the navy blue seats to sky blue within a matter of months, according to The Sun.

With just 80 days until Tottenham are scheduled to face Liverpool in the first Premier League game to be held at the 62,062 seater stadium, the club are said to have “hit the roof” when Certwood made them aware just days ago.

A Spurs spokesman told The Sun: ‘All seats affected are being swiftly replaced and it will not have any impact on the scheduling of our operational test events that are due to commence at the start of August or our first home fixture in our new stadium against Liverpool,’

A so-called club ‘insider’ also told the tabloid: “There has been blood on the walls over this. It is very embarrassing.

“It isn’t Tottenham’s fault, but it looks very bad.

“The contractor was very sheepish about their blunder and will be working around the clock to ensure there are no further time delays.

“The fault was with the back of the seat and the padding. They were not fit for purpose.”

The error is reported to be costing Certwood an absolute fortune to fix.

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  1. So basically the company employed to do a job screwed up and have to put it right? It doesn’t effect the opening it won’t cost us financially and altogether it’s a non story thats only victim is the contractor? Mmmmm


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