“There would be no point in me joining Tottenham”


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Luis Fabiano has ruled out a possible move to Tottenham Hotspur.

The Brazilian striker believes that his current side Sevilla are a bigger club than Spurs and would prefer a move to Manchester United or AC Milan.

Fabiano told the Daily Star Sunday: “I have a real chance of winning a World Cup here in South Africa, and that is what I must stay focused on even though I know my future has to be sorted soon.

“I have made it clear that I will not be signing a new contract with Sevilla and at 29 I now need to join a club where I can start challenging for the highest honours from the first season.

“I have heard Tottenham Hotspur made an inquiry about me but, with all respect, that is not somewhere I am going to be able to win the Premier League or the European Cup in the next three or four years.

“There would be no point in me joining Tottenham. I might as well stay at Sevilla, as it’s the same thing. Sevilla are actually bigger when you look at how much we have been in the European Cup, so there would be no point me moving to a smaller team.

“The choice will come down to Manchester United and AC Milan. That is the sort of team I want to be signing for, one of the true giants of Europe.

“I think the way Manchester United play football is very attractive, I must be honest and say Premier League football attracts me and also the way Manchester United play football attracts me.

“You think about being Wayne Rooney’s strike partner and that is very attractive for any striker.

“I think the style of Premier League football suits me and I think I could score goals and be very successful there.

“Their coach is a winner, their players are winners and they are one of the few teams in Europe challenging for the top honours season after season.

“As soon as the World Cup is over I will make a quick decision on my future – and while it is going on I hope Sevilla can open discussions. I have enjoyed my time here but I now need to be at a giant.”


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  1. yeh spend most of your time sitting on the bench. not one for the challenge of joining a club trying to break into the big time?

  2. nope mccoys..some ppl are just scared of the challege, ie berbascum, so watch him go the same way (rot attemptin to play for man utd) or warmin the man city bench for 200k a week in the near future

    • AR5ENA1 he never said we were sh*t but that in terms of winning European cup & League THFC isn’t the type of club he would go to. And from his reasoning Arsenic isn’t either since u club is no difference to Sevilla- he wants to win the League not keep coming is CL spot??

      • This is what he said. "ARSENAL would be too good for me, sp*rs are shit, so that rules them out, and besides, pretty soon they will be managerless".

  3. we dont want him not good enough and sounds like he only wants money hey city heres another shite striker for you

  4. lets be honest lads – fair point! they have been in Europe more consistently in the last 5 – 10 years and have won the UEFA cup twice. he's not saying Sevilla are neccessarily better but a move to spurs is not a distinct improvement on what he has in Spain.

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