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Jake Livermore - Tottenham Hotspur News

Cudicini 4 – He was unconvincing on crosses, struggled to punch one high ball from under his bar, and played the victim act a little too much for my liking.

Walker 4 – Playing in a slightly unfamiliar role he wasn’t his usual energetic self, and was largely a spare part. He did strike a couple of decent cross-field passes, but generally wasn’t up to scratch. He also really should have buried a headed chance at the far post.

Dawson 4 – He was defensively sound on the whole, but his constant long passing was a cause of immense frustration – even Livermore was seen to be telling him to pass the ball back inside rather than try to force a long pass forward.

Nelsen 7 – On his full debut he was resolute and generally calm in possession. Worryingly, he was easily beaten for pace in the dying moments, but on the whole he was commanding.

Kaboul 6 – Often the spare man of the back three, and attempted to drive forward but to limited effect. When he went to right back he made much more progress than Walker had before him, despite seeming to be suffering from cramp.

Rose 7 – Our outstanding player of the first half, making numerous progressive runs down the left, and finding some decent crosses. He put a fantastic cross on a plate for Walker, but he got under it and sent it over the bar.

Livermore 6 – Very calm in possession and made one fantastic run forward on the right. Struggled to find the killer pass, but kept his head when others were trying to needlessly force passes.

Parker 5 – Worked hard as ever, but was a little loose in possession. Our formation didn’t suit him as he was asked to make forward runs – he struggled in the box and was often let down by his touch at the key moment.

Bale 5 – Constantly played in front of the Stevenage back four, and didn’t try hard enough to get in behind. One lovely strike was saved by Day, but he was otherwise ineffective (largely due to the role that he was asked to play).

Defoe 3 – Totally abject; sloppy touches, lack of hold-up play, and poor finishing on the rare occasions that he did find space.

Saha 3 –The same as Defoe plus offside far too often. Was a little unlucky with the disallowed goal, but his performance was not deserving of a match-winning goal.

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  1. Totally agree…. Spot on !

    It was a pretty much shambolic performance, a certain amount of credit has to go to Boro, but were piss poor. At least we live to fight another day… should win the replay which sets up a quarter final home tie against Bolton….Nice. COYS !!

  2. Livermore 7 – Very calm in possession and made one fantastic run forward on the right. Struggled to find the killer pass, but kept his head when others were trying to needlessly force passes.

    You're taking the piss. He was absolute pants and will never make the grade.

  3. Wow not one of you have mentioned a rock hard shite pitch even my daughter said where are you playing it looks crap Defoes touch was the same has every players poor because of a part frozen watered bobble pitch This for me was man of the match 9 out of ten and there work rate conditioner 10 out of ten and Harry zero for picking the wrong team Kranjcar should have taken Modrics role Bale was frightened of getting his ankles crunched Defoe got assaulted by Maxi muscle and boots where flying all the game on the hard cold pitch these are honest marks by someone who can tell how the other team will play before a ball his kicked and if you keep the ball for a second too long you could be out for a long spell.

  4. Harry
    take your eyes off the England job and concentrate on Spurs, very poor team organisation, which lead to an even poorer performance, Arsenal must be shaking in their boots, NOT!

  5. We wont play like that at Arsenal because the pitch won be frozen and we won t be lining up with no play maker and in fear of serious injury high tempo means snappy tackles the assault on Defoe could have broke his back on a semi frozen turky of a pitch. Marks 6 for surviving the work rate.

  6. Dawson playing the long ball far too often did n't help players like bale and walker who like to run with the ball not chase it upfield.


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