Tottenham Player Ratings vs Everton


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Gomes (7) – A couple of good saves but dropped two crosses and was a mess for the Everton goal.

Corluka (7) – Mostly classy and skilful (and slow) as usual. Ably assisted Kranjcar going forward, poor (non existent) challenge at corner for Yakubu’s goal.

Bale (7) – Familiar enterprising stuff going forward, though quieter in the second half as we were pushed back.

Dawson (6) – Really struggled against Yakubu in the second half. Shocking distribution put us under pressure.

Bassong (7) – Did well during the second half given what was going on around him.

Modric (8) – All those in the middle who played lost possession far too often during the game, Luka though coped best with the close attentions of the Everton midfield and also scored a goal to remember.

Huddlestone (7) – Fine pass for the first goal and was using the ball skilfully until chopped down by Heitinga and carried off.

Palacios (7) – His non-stop running and tackling just about outweighed his casual and over confident passing.

Kranjcar (7) – Showed a lot of running and fight. Was often our best hope of a goal after the break.

Defoe (7) – Made one and nearly got on the end of a couple of Bale crosses.

Pavlyuchenko (7) – Pretty quiet but showed a true striker’s instinct for his goal.


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  1. Dawson saved us the game…amazing block after Gomez fluffed his catch.

    How did Pinnear not get sent off for a second yellow after pulling down Kranjcar? They got a little dirty in the second half, but we did well to keep the lead.

  2. Cant agree with some of that. Ble was excellent, gotta have an 8, and there’s no way bassong was better than dawson, who put his neck on the line on nuemrous occassions. Modric MotM for me. Palacious (as he has been for a while now0 frustrating. 6/10.

  3. Once again a player has bean injured because some teams are using a new tactic at half time and its not boot throwing or hair dryer or players who have not played since April except half a game. I predicted Everton would be Enrgized because they gambled in Europe and lost and losing to us hurt Moyes more because like Liverpool who also targeted us they would have bean right behind us . This means we just have the other three to worry about and Bellamy arguing about using is own Physio to fix is knee is laughable because it these pillocks that are dishing energized second half performances out

  4. What a load of rubbish did u even watch the game or are u just a complete moron? seriously Gomes 7, 3 at best! Bale 8 very close between him n modric for motm, dawson 6 bassong 7 gotta be the other way round pure commitment from daws all day long! I think you may need to goto specsavers or maybe you just need to cut down on the sauce!!

  5. lmao gomes 7 he was awful should of been a 3, bale should have been 8, same with daws and bassong should have had about a 5.modders pav and kranjckar all should have had an 8. Next time is your gonna post an article about a match, then watch it first. retard

  6. Your player grades are total WACK, you were either watching another game or you really SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SPECSAVERS…not even gonna waste my time giving you the proper grades…

  7. Gomes dropped a clanger and maybe could’ve been better positioned for their goal (although certainly wasn’t his fault) however he made at least 2 if not 3 excellent saves in the second half which ultimately helped win us the game so anyone wanting to award him a 3 is a few sandwiches short of a picnic!

  8. How on earth can you give Corluka 7 when you acknowledge that he was,at least partly,at fault for their goal? These days, I think he should be most worried about his place in the line-up. Overall, your marks are too high: Give praise when praise is due but don’t let the victory cloud your judgement. I worry a lot whenever Palacios has possession in a tight spot because his passes are often careless, and Huddlestone just strolls through most matches these days. On the other hand, I am very encouraged by Kranjcar’s consistent displays and Bale has been a revelation.


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