Which Tottenham striking target has the complete package?

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Since the end of the season, Spurs have been linked with move for Romelu Lukaku and Wilfred Bony, and more recently, Javier Hernandez and Wilfred Bony. In this post, I will be looking at these four forwards (courtesy of squawka.com) and trying to see who has (or the closest to) the complete package.

In this first stat graphic, I will be comparing the total number of goals scored by each player, goals from inside the box and total shots per player. You can also automatically see the number of games and minutes played for each player.


The best goalscorer overall out of these four last season in the BPL was Wilfred Bony with 16 goals from 2470 minutes of football played. Lukaku follows closely behind with 15 goals from 2467 minutes. Remy is closely behind Lukaku with 14 goals from 2097 minutes. Remy’s goals to minutes stat is better than both Lukaku and Bony with a goal every 149 minutes, compared to Bony’s at 154 and Lukaku’s at 164. Despite this, both Lukaku’s and Remy’s shots to goals rate is better than Bony’s with Bony taking 108 shots for his 16 goals and Lukaku with 98 shots for his 15 goals, whereas Remy had just 90 shots for his 14 goals. Not too much between the three. Lukaku showed that he is a finisher last season with all of his 15 goals coming from inside the box. Bony and Remy showed that they are also finishers with 2 of their goals each coming from outside the box and all of the other coming from inside. Do I need to mention Hernandez? He had a poor season with just 4 goals from 853 minutes of football.

Now let’s see how they compare to each other when creating chances for others in the team.

You have a mixed bag in this one. Lukaku got the most assists with 6, averaging around 1 assist every 411 minutes. Bony is next with 4 assists, with one every 617 minutes and after Remy with 3 assists, one every 699 minutes. Finally Hernandez with 2 assists meaning he is ranked 2nd in assists to minutes with one every 426 minutes. In terms of chances created, Lukaku made the most with 32 chances created for his teammates. Remy made the most key passes with 27 in total.

Now who has the complete package? Before we look at that, we need to look at price. Loic Remy would be the cheaper option at £10m and so would Javier Hernandez at around the same price. Although I think that we can count Hernandez out of this comparison due to his poor performances last season along with his lack if match fitness. Going up the price scale a bit, we would come to Wilfred Bony, who would cost somewhere in the religion of £19m to buy from Swansea. Almost doubling in price, we would come to Romelu Lukaku who would cost us £30m to sign from Chelsea.

Now onto the question. I think that Loic Remy or Wilfred Bony would be the men to sign this summer, possibly putting Bony ahead of Remy. This is because they scored a great amount of goals last season around one every two games and created good chances for others in the team. These signings do not come at a great cost with Bony only costing £19m. One of those strikers and a few defenders and we will be ready for the new season.

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  1. looks like lukaku is staying at everton we need to act fast and get a top striker .stop messing round and sign ben davies as well


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