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The Turkish media are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur have agreed a deal with Galatasaray for Arda Turan.

According to the reports, the deal is £4million plus Giovani dos Santos, who has been on loan at the Turkish side, will join them on a permanent basis.

The 23-year-old winger is the club captain and set up 25 goals in 44 appearances last season.

More on this report as we get it.

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  1. He is a fabulous, play making winger who chips in his fair share of goals as well. His ball control is up there with the best in the game and he would be an awesome supplement to Lennon on the right. He is a LW but can also play RW and in the games I’ve watched, is the most dynamic Gala player. If it’s true that it’s costing us 5M plus Gio, it’s business well-done. I look forward to seeing the confirmation by Spurs. COYS

  2. This is a seriously world class potential kid/young man..He has got everything, he is great on the ball but he is not at all a softie, he is as agressive as they come, quick, great on the ball, visionis excellent, if / when happens, we have 10x player of Dos Santos. This boy is very similar to Messi with his style of play, difficult to mark and pick up, lennon, bale, arda will piss all over defences in the premiership for fun..

  3. Note to admin:Is this a new report with the deal being confirmed or a re post of an earlier report from your site ? Just curious as to whether it has moved forward or not.

  4. Anyone got any tissue ..? I think I just creamed my pants ! That aside, where will he play. Second thought's…I don't
    care, he is a seriously adept operator and all round ' little terror '. I secretly hoped that we would look at him a few years ago, but don't think he was available. So as you can see, I am all for it if it .

  5. Dont get excited this is paper talk and pure speculation because Gio is at Galatasary, why would they sell him?

  6. Because he thinks that it is the right time to move to a big european club, turkish media gave him an absolute hell all season because of his condemnation of media for interfering with his private life specially involving his girl friend as well, his club president also said that he wont stand on his way, besides Rijkaard wants to keep Gio..Arda is too big for Galatasaray now, their other brilliant player Mehmet Topal just been sold to Valencia, Galatasaray will build a completely new team for next season..Arda story has been going on for good part of 2 months now, it is not a paper yalk, Spurs tried to sign him even in the last day of Summer and also in January transfer window..that time has arrived.

      • Big name players in England are given much more privacy than in Turkey unless: you shamelessly publicise yourself like a media whore (Beckham); shag grannies (Rooney); fall out of night clubs pie eyed with your arse hanging out (our very own King); vomit whilst shagging a dog ugly hairdresser behind your wife's back (Cole) or have an affair with your team mate's wife whilst your dad is selling coke and your mum is thieving dog food from Tesco.

        Most Turkish people would be ashamed by any of the above. I'm sure if Arda Turan were to sign, he'd somehow manage under the media spotlight.

  7. "WORLD CLASS I THINK".all this time where we were worried bout the left flank, but now if this deal happens ,we have the left side sorted at last.we have bale also there who i thought he had a cracking second half of a season on that left flank so now if this new fella joins from galatasary i think thats the left flank sorted with bale left bk.lets hope we have a brill season 2010/2011

  8. Turan or Joe Cole………Can Harry really want both? lennon, modric, bale rose and bentley, bentley has got to be on the way out if this is the case.

    I love it though, In Harry we trust.

  9. This all links in with what Harry said a few weeks ago – about him seeing Bale as more of a left-back. I think Harry had already planned this signing a while ago (like Sandro) and it has just taken a while to materialise. I think this signing will also spell BAE's last days at WHL or he will be kept as an understudy for Bale at left-back. EIther way, this will be an excellent signing and IMO better than Bellamy on the left.

  10. Yes, don't get too excited – unless paper does excite you (spurssince82…). The reported 'deal' is highly suspect and I'll believe it when I see it – 5million? Hmmm Iver Biggen Galatasaray ARE a big European club. They spend big bucks and are in the Champions League many times compared to our 1… As for the Turkish media – have you seen the Turkish media? They are worse for gossip. I spend quite a bit of time there. He'd escape here – unless he does something really stupid of course! The player himself looks like he could do a good job for us – should he want it.

  11. @DaveYid don't worry mate he gets a fair share of attention here in turkey because of him being the captain of one of the top 3 teams at such young age, and he seems to pull it off really well

  12. I'll believe this when it's been confirmed by THFC.
    It is true that some talented experienced players (who know how to win at top level and have relevant experience) wouldn't be bad for the squad as a whole.
    My feelings are we are missing the following squad players and suggestions for them (3 in total):
    1) A fox in the box: a la Gary Lineker, Jurgen Klinsmann and Clive Allen – Solution: Miroslav Klose, a proven international, European and league scorer with the ability to be in the right place at the right time! Given the form of Bale/Lennon a player of this ilk would be a great benefit.
    2) Midfield General: I would suggest the Argentine Captain and player unlikely to sign new Anfield contract – Javier Mascherano – would fit the bill.
    3) Cover at CB: given Ledley/JW injury continuum – Solution: Jamie Carragher another with top level experience and Spurs offer of Champions League football.
    I'm sure that there will be many arguing about this but that is only to be expected given the passion Spurs evoke…

  13. I'll believe this when it's been confirmed by THFC.
    We need three experienced players who are proven winners and know what it takes to get Spurs to the next level.
    1) "A Fox in the box" – just like Gary Lineker, Jurgen Klinsmann & Clive Allen – Solution: Miroslav Klose – A proven winner on the world, european and league stage. Given the form of Bale/Lennon I'd back him to be Golden Boot winner.
    2) Midfield General – The Argentine Captain seems reluctant to sign new Anfield contract so my solution is – Javier Mascherano.
    3) Cover at CB: Another Anfield favourite and probably difficult to prize away from Liverpool – Jamie Carragher.
    Given we need a minimum number of home grown players in the squad next season a whole host of foreign signings are very unlikely and I believe that there is no replacement for PL or Champions League experience in players we are looking for…

  14. Hey Simon – I agree that Klose is a quality striker that would probably do well in the Premiership. However, if I am going to pick 3 priorities – here's what I would like:
    1) Heroic striker – someone who can play on his own (if required) or will be able to play well with at least 2 of our strikers. (No realistic suggestions!)
    2) Left-back – I feel that with Palacios, Sandro, Hudd and Modric that centre midfield is looking fine – so I would suggest a left-back squad player. I think we should use Bale as a tactic – switch him between left-back and left-midfield. The last thing you want to do is be forced to playing him one way because of injuries.
    3) I would have gone for back-up goalie, but Cudicini has just signed new deal, so I assume he is fine. As for central defence – I agree we could do with an extra backup – our current backup is Kaboul who is very suspect at centre back. However my third choice is to get Gudjohnsen – the guy has bucketloads of Champions League experience, he is used to English football, and has already settled into Spurs, he won't moan about not being picked because he knows the deal, he plays both back-up Striker and Midfield, and was excellent in helping Spurs kill off Arsenal by slowing down the play. Yes he is older, slower and won't score many, but he should be cheap and quality.
    As you said, many will disagree. You are of course entitled to your opinion.

  15. Hey Iver, it is interesting that you mention that Topal has been sold by Galatasaray to Valencia. That fee apparently was 4.2m Euros. That really is nothing – maybe Galatasaray are trying to raise cash. They have a new stadium – perhaps that’s why. Let’s face it – their old one was horrible – apart from the atmosphere from the fans (I’ve been there).

  16. We need squad depth. I can't see us offloading a ton of players. We know Harry loves the cup competitions (+10 games every year), and if we make it to the group stages of the CL, that is another 8 games. If we move on to the knockout stages or come third in the group and get to the Europa League, it could be another 4-8 games. That means around 25 additional games to the league season. Squad depth like Turan, Bale, BAE, Moddle, THudd, Palacios, Krancjar, Lennon, Bentley, Rose (and even Eidur or Jenas if they stay) would allow us flexibility in formation and coverage for injury. We saw how important that was this year (ask Fulham if they wouldn't mind our depth of quality in their squad). Also, expect Sandro to arrive in November if his club make it to the Copa Lib, quarters, semis or finals.

  17. F*ckingBrilliant says:

    May 19, 2010 at 3:09 am

    Agree with you to a certain extent.

    One thing I would say is that I trust Levy even more than I trust Harry.

    We need to do this Champions League, 4th place thing right first time and that means improving our squad to meet these new opportunities, not expanding it to such a size that players not playing become a drag on squad morale and a waste of money – money that could be spent better on youth for example.

    While a few additions are needed we mustn’t neglect our youth players during this dizzying time to be a yid. Let’s see Rose and Livermore (for example) in the first team for League Cup and Prem games next season.

  18. People shouldn’t get too excited this is the same story that crpooed up three days ago from a Turk radio station.

    Spurs web as usual are 48 hours behind everyone else.

  19. Bit dubious about this rumor really. Probably the Do Santos link that is giving it legs.

    Rather have Joe Cole if that is the type of player we are after.

    Rather have a striker than any of the above anyway.


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