Vertonghen speaks on Spurs switch


Jan Vertonghen has expressed his relief after finally being confirmed as a Spurs player.

It was announced earlier that the Ajax captain had completed his prolonged switch to White Hart Lane subject to a medical.

He is now looking forward to testing himself in the English top-flight.

“I am very relieved,” he told Sky Sports News HD.

“It went on for a long time, but I’m glad I’m a Tottenham player right now and I’m looking forward to playing for the club.

“I am 25 years old now and I feel ready to play in the Premier League. I have heard a lot of good stories from my Belgian team-mates. I think I’m ready.”

Vertonghen added: “I heard that Harry Redknapp really wanted me to play for Tottenham, but now it’s Andre Villas-Boas. To me, that doesn’t matter. I just want to play for the club and I hope I can please the fans at the club.”

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  1. Spurs are going in the right Direction, class players,Fit young,training will be harder than last season.
    Thank goodness some players strolled around,no more,Jan or Younes Club Captain /

  2. All starting to take shape, very exciting times. Hopefully we can now tie up Ade and a GK and then AVB can get to work. If Modric and VDV go then so be it. Get Moutinho and Dzagaev in and on we go. COYS.

  3. Not a spectacular but extremely honest and truly very high quality also a very genuine player.looks like money well spent, I also like the persistent attitude of Levy. Roll on good days.

  4. Awesome, happy day, however there's still 3 more piece's of the jigsaw puzzle – 2 strikers assuming defoe is the only senior and a decent long term GK.

  5. Great summer so far, some fantastic signings already, Vertonghen, Sigurdsson, & of course Bale & Caulker, great work so far, i feel with AVB controlling this squad we will really challenge next season, bring in cover for Brad, Diamo, & another top draw striker & we are sorted, if we can keep the Mod great, if not maybe Oscar or someone similar (preferably someone who can chip in with 12-15 goals from midfield) then happy days allround.
    COYS!!!!! Bring on the season…….

  6. Vertoghen to be our new freekick taker?! And agree striker or two, if modric goes get moutinho and get a gk like lloris!

  7. Thank Christ he's done, what a wait, I was half expecting to read about him doing a U turn on the whole deal. As AVB like to play high, you coudn't pick a more suitable player for his intentions. Can be a skillful mid as well, and gets goals. If we can get a midfielder that can score goals for half the cost of Modders, that would be very shrewd business indeed. I think Sigfi will need a bit of time, but could be wrong.

  8. Personally i think it's sad when great players leave Tottenham but many have and yet we survive. I just hope that all the pre-season who-ha brings good results and that my beloved Spurs don't go backwards. I only wish is that VDV stays,if only because he shares my birthday 11th.February ha ha. I think he's one of our best. As for Modric at least he's gone abroad, i hate players that leave for opposition clubs.As for the rest we need a really good keeper(we have always been strong in that field) especially the greatest Pat Jennings and Bill Brown. Then Adebayor and if pos. another Bobby Smith striker

    • Modric hasn't gone anywhere. If he does go it won't be to another English club but i still think he could stay unless the right money is offered. You know what a tough negotiator Daniel Levy can be!! He won't be giving him away…

  9. I can't remember a pre-season where I have been so excited about the direction the club is going in. I think AVB will prove to be a shrewd move from Levy, and I agree when he says that his philosophy fits with where the club feel they want to go. I also feel his presence and attitude will help to attract bigger and better signings, regardless of the job he did at Chelsea, where I genuinely think he got the shitty end of the stick. Agree we only need a couple more key signings and there is absolutely no reason why we can't challenge the likes of Man City. Great board, great manager, great facilities, great players, great fans, great vision, great club. COYS!!

  10. Now if only we would get rid of Ledly No-Knee(s) King and Benoit Assou Ecrapo then we would be making moves in the right direction in defence! Ledly should have been put out to grass years ago! With the wages he's being paid for not being able to train or play properly we caould get someone in that is as good as he is and can! And there must be a HUGE selection of players out there that are alot better than Assou-Ecrapo, someone from The Blue Square Premiership is good start! I know it has been said that he was the most improved player last season but when you start off too totally and utterly rubbish for words you can only improve and improve he did……..from being too totally and utterly rubbish for words to the biggest pile of turd in The Premiership! he constantly makes MASSIVE mistakes like Horrendous Gormless does when he plays! Horrendous Gormless our foermer no. 1 keeper was dropped to third choice; I hope the same can be done with Assou-Ecrapo and No-Knees for his good and that of the club needs to go so that we can get in someone that can play and train all of the time!

  11. Dont slag of Ledley!!! He is a LEGEND!! Fair enough Benoit he needs help or be it a replacement but I like him!! I think the main thing now is a modders replacement and a tip class striker (preference damaio) then were ready!!! COYS!!


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