Video: Adrian Durham takes aim at Spurs and Arsenal over stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

talkSPORT host Adrian Durham is no stranger to attempting to make a controversial comment about Tottenham Hotspur.

The co-presenter of the radio station’s Drive show alongside former cricketer Darren Gough claimed that nobody is ever jealous of Spurs because they never win any trophies yet admits that the club’s stunning new 62,062 capacity seater stadium has left him envious.

Durham, who can only be described as radio click-bait then set his sights on Arsenal fans and the Emirates Stadium by describing it as soulless in comparison to their North London neighbours.

Here’s what he had to say.

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  1. I’m a lifelong Arsenal fan and have to say that everything about Spurs is better than my sad excuse for a club.

  2. Does anyone actually give a monkeys toss about Adrian Durham’s opinion? In fact Id say Mike Parry is an intellectual heavyweight by comparison, and he’s a fecking idiot of the highest order!

    • I’m spurs fan and in no way agree with anything this knob head says, he does in fairness seem to target Spurs and arsenal knowing that the rivalry is very strong. Please Please all spurs fans, don’t phone in, don’t bite at his comments, don’t take any notice and don’t give him a show or a platform to continue his useless banter which for someone who supports Peterborough utd should really keep his mouth firmly shut. i would urge arsenal fans to do the same. in fact give it back to him..
      Things you’ll never hear Durham say—-
      Peterborough are in the top four of the prem,
      Peterborough, have just broken their transfer record for a player, Which was only £3.00
      Peterborough have been promoted to the prem,
      Peterborough playing in the champs/Europa league,
      Peterborough in the final for a cup,
      Peterborough have been promoted to the Championship,
      Peterborough have just moved into their new stadium which is full of Soul..
      ETC ETC


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