VIDEO: Bale trains with Madrid for first time


Gareth Bale trained with Real Madrid on Wednesday for the first time since completing his world record transfer to the Santiago Bernabeu.

I’ve mulled over the idea of whether to feature this piece or not and decided to go ahead – Bale is one of the best players we have seen at the Lane for many a year and fans are still interested to know how the Welshman is getting on with life in Spain.

Life goes on at White Hart Lane, we all know that – but we cannot forget the memories which Bale has given us.

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  1. Bale may well be one of the finest players to ever have graced the the turf at WHL, BUT he DISGRACED himself and stuck two fingers up at the club (and its supporters) with his antics over the summer!!!

    You might as well of posted Berbatov and Modric parading around in there respective new clubs colours too, following their largely distasteful exits from the club.

    I wish the kid well, but I AM A SPURS supporter, not a GB11 supporter. The club moves on, and everyone connected to the Tottenham Hotspur would do well to follow suit!!!

  2. He was a legend at spurs. What the hell is your problem Ramos? Total moron. In what way did he 'disgrace' himself? By going on strike? By going to the press? No, he kept quiet whilst Levy (brilliantly) took Madrid to the cleaners.

    • I am sure that you, like most Spurs supporters, at the time, were disappointed by the way Modric and Berbatov left the club after BOTH gave the club EXCELLENT service, were you not?

      What is the difference with Bale? That he is British?

      Yes he might of been too much of a coward to do his own talking (publically) for himself, but if you honestly believe that he wasn't instructing his agent, Real Madrid and 'close sources' to do his bidding for him then you are obviously MORE deluded than you sound!

      Levy made the best out of a bad situation, that much we can agree on. But make NO MISTAKE about it, Bale was holding a gun to the clubs head throughout the summer which EFFECTIVELY meant we HAD to sell him, even if we didn't initially intend to!!!

      If you wish to act like a NAIVE school-girl about the situation, that is your prerogative, just don't expect ALL of us to do the same.

      Like I said, Bale DISGRACED himself and stuck two fingers up at those who support him, and pay his wages by his decision to go on strike, leak information to the press and feign a foot injury.

      You may consider this to be the actions of a Spurs 'legend' but I do not.

  3. I was glad Bale played for Spurs & it was a pleasure watching him & he deserves to now be a Real Madrid player as he has become one of the worlds best players & we got great money for him which has helped us build what I think is a better side overall.

  4. Lol The boy meets the man (footballing terms) Ronaldo gives him the par treatment, not a great welcoming, bale moves in for normal hand shake, ronaldo goes for unconventional handshake, then takes his hand away and immediately puts his hand on bales side then walks off a bit…lol am I reading into this a bit much or is ronaldo not best pleased to see bale….and so what if we put bale on here, hes our clubs record signing, we made him, good luck to the boy coz I still think avb made his role that enabled him to be so good, at madrid if he gets 20 goals ill be surprised. ..still brilliant player

  5. It’s a Tottenham blog- lets keep it that way- he’s gone now and chances are he will never come back. He’s moved on, we need to move on as well! Put videos up of Erikson and Lamela and Townsend- they are the future of our club and it’s actually disrespectful to them that we are still idolising a player that doesn’t want to wear out shirt when we have some of the best talents in the world wanting to play for us. If you listen to Erikson his interview with Tottenham- he said he wants to win titles- Bale never said that…I thank him and adore him for everything he did in a Tottenham shirt but now we support the current crop of Tottenham stars.


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