Video: Cardiff boss Neil Warnock goes in on Harry Kane

Image: SpursWeb

Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock slammed Tottenham forward Harry Kane for “contributing” to referee Mike Dean’s decision to send Joe Ralls off at Wembley.

Warnock was speaking at the post-match conference following Tottenham’s 1-0 win against the Premier League strugglers and to say he was bitter would be an understatement.

Harry Kane rushed up to Ralls after the disgusting challenge on Lucas Moura and it provoked an angry reaction from Warnock. A video of him sarcastically telling Kane ‘Well done Harry’ was doing the rounds on social media afterwards.

Warnock also claimed that Kane was having a poor game and felt that the Spurs striker was handled well by his defenders.

The Cardiff boss continued and suggested that Kane should have seen red for his part in the altercation with his player.

Warnock said to WalesOnline: “I think everyone gets angry in a game of football, 5-a-side or whatever.

“I thought it was a very soft one to say the least. I didn’t think it was violent conduct, I thought it was cynical. He (Mike Dean) went for his yellow card, but the whole day there’s been busy people around him.

“It was a group decision, people in his earphones and Mike Dean doesn’t need that because he’s a good referee. I wouldn’t be surprised if the linesman said something.”

Warnock continued: “It doesn’t help that there’s about 15 white shirts all haranguing him either.

“Why not give Harry Kane a red? He went in and pushed him (Ralls) didn’t he? He doesn’t need to do that. He was doing that to make an issue of it, make the referee think the challenge was worse than it actually was.

“He plays for England, is a top player, I love him, but I don’t think you should try and get other pros sent off. He’s the England captain for goodness sake.

“He didn’t need to do that. Just because Kane was having a poor game himself. He was determined to score today because we’re the only Premier League side he’s not scored against, but I thought our centre-backs handled him well.”

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  1. noone is saying anything about the yellow Kane got.. assumingly for trying to influence the ref.. or the push.. sour grapes.. it was a sending off all day long.. lucas had beat the player who was almost the last player back. I think there was one more defender about level with them. .. it was cynical, it was thuggish and it was a player who’s pride was butt-hurt

  2. Warnock is plain wrong here. I didn’t see Kane being especially violent, he’s just concerned for his team mate after a wild, out-of-control and cynical tackle. Ok it didn’t injure Moura, but it certainly could have done. Red card all day long.


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