Video: Graeme Souness launches a completely disrespectful attack on Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Liverpool player and manager Graeme Souness has sensationally claimed Tottenham Hotspur did not deserve to reach the Champions League final.

Souness, who started his career at Spurs as an apprentice under the great Bill Nicholson has suggested that Mauricio Pochettino’s side are fortunate to be playing in Madrid on Saturday in their first ever final in the competition.

He also claimed that only two players from Tottenham would make it into the Liverpool starting eleven in what many Spurs fans will view as a massively disrespectful attack on what the club have achieved in Europe having battled back from the brink of elimination on more than one occasion to face Jurgen Klopp’s side.

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  1. You have to feel for old Graeme. Too many head hits I would guess. Completely losing it at 66. Thinks he’s back in his playing days when you had to rake the field for cow dung before the game started. I think we should all feel sorry for him but never listen to him. (Nor destroy your own authority by quoting him as if he had something to say that had merit. – a mistake Alex. This was just a Liverpool rant.

  2. Typical Souness.

    Son is better than Firmino
    Toby is better than whoever plays next to VVD
    So that’s 4 of 11.
    The rest, he maybe has a point…but then Liverpool pushed Man City all year and have spent hundreds of millions on the squad. That should be the case. It also shows that Spurs are an excellent team.

  3. Absolutely disgraceful that hes a pundit. There has been disrespect from both Carragher and Sounness that somehow Liverpool deserve the champions league as a consolation for failing in the prem. Spurs had a much harder run than Liverpool, we were playing and knocking out the best team in the whole competition when they were playing porto. And imo Ajax was no easier a semi than Barca.

    There has been no regard for Spurs injury stricken season or that 9 of our first team have had only injuries for rest in the last 2 years. Liverpool have invested heavily and remained comparatively free of injuries but Spurs were right with them in late February when Winks got inured and Dembele had been sold, thats when our wheels came off in the prem.

    There is a concerted effort by Liverpool pundits to discredit a Spurs victory before it happens, absolutely shameful that these people are on TV.

  4. Spurs supporters don’t need to take souness seriously. He’s a liver-pudding diehard and will say anything to help them, including engage in mind games. Best to ignore his remarks.

  5. NOW we know what video POCH will show his players prior to kickoff!
    It’s 11 v 11 that is ALL Mr. Souness –
    Pride before the fall !!!!
    Leonardo D.

  6. Graeme’s entitled to his opinion and perhaps a case could be made for us being slightly fortunate to be in the final. Nevertheless, it’s well known that Graeme still has a chip on his shoulder regarding Spurs, from being let go by Bill Nicholson as a youth. Bill Nick’s greatest mistake it must be said. Either way I am quite happy with Spurs being underdogs and the more remarks like Souness’s that slight us or underestimate us the better. In my opinion we have nothing to lose, Liverpool have everything to lose.

  7. If ever there was a team that was “lucky” then Liverpool hold that crown during this seasons Champions League finals. To be 3 nil down to Barcelona and then win 4 nil at Anfield? If that was not luck (yes fighting spirit too) then what is luck?
    If luck cannot be quantified in a way that makes sense, then dont use the word when chatting subjective nonsense.
    Using this simple logic would imply the greater majority of CL winners required luck (whatever luck is?) including that last CL trophy Liverpool won!!!
    He did make a point though in stating how Spurs have lost 19 games but made the CL final.

  8. Souness is a cock liverpool dont deserve to win just cause they had a great season finnishing second to man city wtf come on boys lets show all these haters and bring the big one back and leave all the scousers crying all summer and have souness moaning spurs didnt deserve to win COYS!!!!!!!!!

  9. It’s super churlish of Souness to be making such unnecessary comments and quite laughable if truth be told. Whether or not he believes Spurs deserve to be in the CL final has no actual relevance, fact is they are there irrespective of his petty grievances and moaning and lets just see what happens come Saturday!


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