(Video) Huge progress made on new Spurs stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Each week, we bring you a new video of the progress made on the new Spurs stadium, but this week’s has been one of the most encouraging I’ve seen due to the sheer amount of progress made over the past seven days.

Spurs superfan Chris Cowlin made his regular trip to N17 to the site of the new stadium and among the updates was an impressive update to the huge south stadium, along with:-

* Framework has continued to get bigger on the new South Stand, now being at full height

* Concrete blocks continue to be installed at a rapid place, making up parts of the South Stand

* A brief look at the North, West and East stands

* Panels have been installed on the East Stand

* Work continues on the roof structure; lots of new pieces have been installed

* The builders are working around the stadium, at the back of Percy House and to the right of Lillywhite House

* Builders continue to work on the underground car park, and hotel footings

* Work continues on the new Tottenham shop

* Warmington House is being painted

* A very busy day of deliveries on the High Road, and all around the stadium

Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Excellent video Chris. Thanks for keeping us fans regularly updated on the progress of the new stadium. It looks amazing! Look forward to your next update.

  2. OMG my Dad used to walk me from the station and use that short cut through the estate back in the 70’s. Can’t wait to see it close up.

  3. Absolutely agree with that. Your weekly video updated are very much appreciated. Very high quality picture and informative commentary. Keep them coming!! COYS!

  4. Good work on the vid. Actually making me wanna get over there myself for a butchers!! Might have to just do that pronto..

  5. Well done Chris, its nice to get a pedestrian view of the new stadium. I have been living here in Germany for 30 years, and have watched the rise of the new stadium on the New Stadium side. At the start you could see a lot, but now its filling up, so nice to see your video. In 1989 I saw Diego Maradona playing for SSC Neapel against FC Bayern in the Olympia Stadium in Munich. I sat on the opposit side to the Stand Side and got soaked. About 9 years ago I was able to watch a couple of games in the new Allianz Arena stadium from a VIP Lounge. The new stadium has escalators in it! The fans are going to love the new stadium, and we all know the team is going to make it a fortress. I have been a fan since the 1966 World Cup year, so I hope the new Stadium will be the boost to make them not just Top Four in the Premier League, but one of the top four in the Champions League.


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