(Video) New Spurs stadium resembles a ghost town in new update video

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

A Spurs fan has yesterday filmed an update of the exterior of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium and the site looked eerily quiet from the outside.

There are just 47 days until we play our first Premier League match at the 62,062 seater stadium and there looked to be hardly anybody working around the outside of the ground.

There have been reports that over 3,000 people are working on the development at any time, all I can say is that the inside of the stadium must be a hive of activity based on this footage.

I would have expected more people to be working on the stadium in ant-like fashion considering the short timeframe we have. Two matches have been scheduled as test events in the build-up to the official curtain raiser:-

Monday 27 August – Test Event One – Tottenham Hotspur U23’s vs Brighton U23’s, kick-off 2pm

Saturday 1 September – Test Event Two – Tottenham Hotspur Legends v Bayern Munich Legends, kick-off 2pm

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  1. Certainly the pitch trays seem to be slow going. The last 2 weekends have seen no activity whenever I look at the live camera feeds. This morning, it looks no different to last Friday after the crews stopped work. They have been putting “sand” in for the last 2 weeks or so.

    I guess the grass pitch is NOT a priority?

  2. The lack of activity is actually a good sign as it means they are confident of getting it done on time. If they were not then you would see loads more going on. Pitch trays look almost ready for the turf today but the test events could start on the NFL pitch if they are still to be finished. These events are more about safety and getting people in and out of the ground. They are close to completing the roof as just a few panels left open I assume for access. External Cladding getting there and the few pictures from inside look like a lot is done already in there. Let’s have faith

  3. I have faith BUT if there are 3500 people per day working there, they don’t show much on the external camera feeds. I suppose that means that there are scads of people working inside?

    The pitch trays seem to be being done with about 6 people. Am I wrong in that estimate?


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