(Video) New Spurs stadium update; Club shop, padded seats and more

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Fresh off a plane from Los Angeles, Spurs super fan Chris Cowlin has paid his weekly visit to the site of the new stadium to find out what’s new and what is different.

The ticket office still has plenty of work to be completed before it’s ready for opening, with no windows yet fitted. The first test event at the 62,062 seater stadium happens this Saturday and is just for site workers, with the second staff-only taking place on the 19th of August.

Elsewhere, the club shop is progressing with a number of windows now installed. Chris believes that tours of the new stadium will begin in October and that they are now 3,700 workers on site at the moment.

You can take a look at the video update, below. COYS!

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  1. Get all of the turf in by the end of July according to Chris’s video? The dirt is still being laid on July 31st!

      • Ok, my point was that Chris mentioned in the video (taken July 31st) that the grass should be installed by July 31st. Not possible as they are still laying the dirt on top of the sand laid over the past 2 weeks or so.

        I saw an article in a New Zealand (of all places) about workers being offered 80 hour weeks and double shifts etc.

        I look at the live camera feed (mainly #6 recently) and there appears to be a LOT of seats still to be installed and a bunch of work on the outside still to be done. The live camera feeds don’t show too many people working there (as far as I can see) let alone 3700 per day working there. They must all be on the inside!

        I know that they lay grass and play on it fairly quickly nowadays (brought in on big rolls, I assume?). Still seems to me that this stadium won’t be ready for the Liverpool game let alone the U23 and Legends game due to be played in about 4 weeks. Hopefully, I’m wrong. We’ll see.


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