Video: Some Arsenal fans in Baku are obsessing over Spurs during their European final

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Arsenal fans have once again proven that they hold an unhealthy obsession about Tottenham Hotspur when the pocketful of Woolwich were more focused on their North London rivals in Baku.

While Arsenal battle it out in the far flung reaches of eastern Europe, the Tottenham players and fans have headed to Madrid to prepare for the Champions League final.

Footage has emerged of some Arsenal fans singing songs about winning the league at White Hart Lane in 2004 – it’s absolutely laughable that during a European final, they are singing about something that happened fifteen years ago.


While Arsenal are still obsessed with Tottenham, the lilywhites certainly have bigger things to focus on these days than what the lot down the library think about us. How things have changed.

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