Video: Some Chelsea fans sing about their hatred of Spurs at open training session

Image: SpursWeb

While Tottenham Hotspur are yet to experience defeat in their opening two Premier League matches, Chelsea are still without a win.

Chelsea held an open training session for supporters on Wednesday to watch their players be put through their paces at Stamford Bridge.

A piece of video footage released by Chelsea’s social media team showed that some of the fans in attendance were more focused on singing about their hatred of Tottenham rather than focusing on their challenge ahead under Frank Lampard.

While the players were making their way out from the tunnel onto the pitch, fans can be heard chanting ‘We hate Tottenham’ along to the music played over the tannoy system.


Tottenham fans will always prioritise their hatred of North London rivals Arsenal ahead of Chelsea.

Until Roman Abramovich took over the club in 2003 and threw hundreds of millions at training to buy success, Chelsea were nothing and struggled even to fill their stadium with their ‘Save the Bridge’ campaign.   It’s slightly amusing to see that we are living rent free in the heads of some of their supporters.

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