(Video) Spurs stadium construction update – 21st October


It has been ten days since we last brought you a video update of the new Spurs stadium development and this morning, Chris Cowlin has once again been to N17 to provide us with another great progress report.

In summary of what has taken place over the past 10 days:

* A busy morning at the new stadium site – lots going on, lots of workers and very noisy

* Frame work has got a lot bigger on the new South Stand and has now merged with the rest of the stadium, now making the oval shape complete

* Constant deliveries to the stadium site, including deliveries of steel, for the South Stand

* Painting has started in floors 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the new stadium

* Metal frames for the seats inside have been planned out and installed *

Fantastic views and look inside Spurs’ new ground

* The builders are working every day of the week – 24 hours a day

* More glass panels have been installed all around the stadium, on the North, East and West Stands

* Warmington House has had a make-over and looks restored

A big thanks to Chris for the kind mention!  Here’s the video:-

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the regular updates and for the extensive detail you provide. Next time could you please comment on the retractable pitch. I assume it’s going to be under the area south of the south stand?

  2. Wow' as it stands you can see when it's finished it will be the greatest football stadium in England. Thanks for the video up date. Love the spurs Steve & Diane.

  3. Mike Gerard
    Thanks for all your videos Chris.For people who support Spurs and live away from the local area it is terrific to be able to see what is going on.
    Like all of us who love this club, I can not wait for the completion of the new stadium.I do hope that the name 'White Hart Lane' will be commemorated somewhere on the new stadium, even if the new stadium as a whole has to be named something else.

  4. Living so far away in Brisbane it fantastic you take the time to update us all. Your in depth knowledge is brilliant . Thank you for sharing. Like to buy you a beer to show our appreciation when we come over next season. COYS – Brian


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