(Video) New Spurs Stadium Construction Update


While things may not be going well for Tottenham Hotspur on the field over the past few days, work off the field on the new Spurs stadium has been progressing at an impressive rate.

Spurs superfan Chris Cowlin has brought us his weekly stadium development update.  Highlights of this week’s update include:-

  • Frame work has got a lot bigger on the new South Stand, merging with the West Stand and East Stand, a lot more steel has been installed
  • Fantastic views and look inside Spurs’ new stadium
  • More glass panels have been installed all around the stadium, on the North, East and West Stands
  • More stairs cases have been installed
  • Warmington House has had a make-over and has been restored
  • Work continues on both the Tottenham museum and the clubs new superstore – the biggest in European Football

Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. If flats and hotel are to be built next to the south stand, where are they going to put the pitch when NFL come to town.

  2. directly infront of these buildings. what I am concerned about is that the whole southstand is only supported by a few beams

  3. I can’t wait to see 3 trays 110yds long sliding out under the south stand to the front of the hotel. The maitre d will be having the vapours.


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