(Video) New Spurs Stadium Development Update


Each week, we bring you a video update of the latest development work on the new Spurs stadium, courtesy of superfan Chris Cowlin.

So what has changed in the last week or so?

In summary:

* Fantastic views and look inside Spurs’ new ground
* The builders are working every day of the week – 24 hours a day
* More glass panels have been installed all around the stadium, on the North, East and West Stands
* Warmington House has had a make-over and looks restored
* Frame work has got a lot bigger on the new South Stand
* A brief look at the East Stand
* Security gets tighter: Chris Cowlin gets told by builders not to film or take photos next to the fence any longer, on the South Stand side
* News on the demolition of shops/businesses on the High Road – to make way for the walk way from the new White Hart Lane train station (no timescales confirmed)
* Residents moving out of flats in and around Love Lane, Tottenham, preparing for the new White Hart Lane train station
* Mace builder suspended for 2/3 days for talking about the project – Chris Cowlin apology, which means no more builder interviews/questions

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