VIDEO: No sympathy for United ‘recovery’ – Pochettino

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur drew 0-0 with Manchester United in the Premier League on Sunday in a game which could have gone either way.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino deemed the match a “fair result” and failed to echo van Gaal’s concerns over player exhaustion as both teams had to play under the same conditions.

Pochettino told the press: “I think that it’s a fair result, I think that we are more happy for the feeling that we got after this game, but the result at the end, I think, is fair.”

“Yes, maybe. Maybe it was (a) penalty, but because I saw on the TV now, but from my vision during the game it was difficult to identify if it was penalty or not.”

“The condition was for both teams the same. I never complain about when the opponent is on the same condition as you. I think that Tottenham, from the beginning of the season, is the team that… has less recovery days in every competition. We are (still) in all competitions that we play. I think that it’s impossible, I never complain about that. I think Manchester (United) have the same hours for recovery as us.”

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  1. A fair result would have 5-2 ManU…I watched this one twice….Haven't seen ManU create this many point blank chances in 2 seasons. The first half was a lesson in how to tear apart the opposition and not finish it off. Who would have thought that RVP and Falcao would miss 5 GREAT chances in the first half alone. Wow, Wow!

    • Who would have thought you're so delusional. Wait, you're a Man U fan, makes sense.

      I would say a point is a fair result too. It was a game of two halves where each team dominated 1 of them.

      Man U had probably 3 clear cut chances, one was RVP 1v1 with Lloris, second was Mata blasting high over the bar and third was Young's long-range strike which Lloris spectacularly tipped it over the bar.

      Spurs also had few chances, the clip ball from Townsend to Kane that he missed, Mason blasted over from close-range which was set up from Kane and finally a rugby tackle from Rooney inside the penalty box that the ref missed.

      There maybe more, but based on clear cut opportunities created and failed to convert, then a draw is deserved for both teams. But the 5-2 result from you is ignorant. Next you're going to say going to win the league. HAHA!


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