Video: talkSPORT host labels Spurs as useless and City should have scored six

Image: SpursWeb

talkSPORT host Danny Kelly has claimed that Tottenham Hotspur should have lost to Manchester City by six goals.

The presenter who is a Spurs fan described the performance of Mauricio Pochettino’s side as useless and claimed that the players set up scared against the current Premier League champions.

Kelly claimed that Spurs were passing the ball around in their own penalty area to invite the press from City in order to play in behind them, however, he believes that this style of play is something that Pep Guardiola has convinced other managers to try and do.

Despite City dominating the proceedings, Spurs still came away from the Etihad with a valuable point from the encounter.


Kelly may have been a bit optimistic to state that City should have scored six, but they did waste good opportunities through Gundogan and de Bruyne.  Maybe he should instead focus on their lack of composure in front of goal, rather than slating Spurs.

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  1. Can’t get over all the negativity
    Man City will spank a lot of teams at home , arguably the best team in the premier league
    The fact we didn’t get beat and we’re missing son , I will take a point like that all day rather than us have more shots and lose, we played poorly granted but that point could be valuable come the end of the season

  2. As more opposed to being useless the team have individual`s that are not premiership standard as well , Peter`s , Lamela , Sanchez , Sissoko , are pathetic along with young players who will never make it for quite a while , this lending players back to their mother club is of no advantage its players who can start now play now .

  3. Danny Kelly, you are a useless talking sports host and should not hold that make a dumb statement like that about Spurs.
    Tell me something, first of all where did you go to school? Explain to me why City didn’t score as you say six goals?
    I saw the same game, yes, I thought City dominated the game, why didn’t they score six goals?!
    Just maybe they were playing against another team?! It was Spurs who stopped them from scoring six goals. Hello?!
    It doesn’t matter about the negative and uneducated comments you make, reflect on the Champions league result Spurs vs City. Who won that encounter? Many pundits have only positive things to say about only certain teams in the league, and you seem to be another idiot who just don’t like Spurs for no reason! You know what var has introduced? Picks all the
    things City, Liverpool and others have been getting away with over the last few years. Wake up it’s time to go to school!
    Have a bad day joker.


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