Video: talkSPORT presenter tears into Toby Alderweireld’s ability

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur could have lost Toby Alderweireld for a cut-price £25million this summer.

The Belgian’s contract contained a transfer release clause which could have been triggered by another club up until yesterday (Telegraph).

Remarkably, Alderweireld is still a Tottenham Hotspur player and in today’s inflated transfer market there is no doubt that his transfer value is significantly higher than what his clause stated.

talkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham as claimed that Alderweireld was never destined for one of the top clubs in Europe at 30 and is just ‘ok’ as a player.

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  1. Durham is an idiot who just says things to provoke a reaction. Anyone who watches Spurs knows that Toby, Jan and Dembele formed the best defence in the league for 2 years on the bounce and its only the last 2 seasons where those 3 have been broken up that our defence has went downhill. No Mousa last season, no Toby the season before. Then factor in Trippier replacing Walker, Dier and Wanyama going off the boil, Rose only recently coming back to form.

  2. It’s only Adrian Durham, the Sun of the airwaves. Just a gobby guy who tries to stir things up. When he comes on, it is time to tune out of TalkSport.

  3. Listen to H&J on Talksport and then turn off before the moron comes on with his sidekick moron. Durham either knows nothing or winds people up to get a reaction. Either way there is no point tuning in.

  4. Jealousy, that’s all that is. Him, Piers Morgan, James Whale, they all just say stupid things to get a reaction. On another note, I feel sorry for ‘Wrighty’.


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