Video: Three new videos from inside the Tottenham Hotspur stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

A Tottenham Hotspur fan had a tour of the new 62,062 seater stadium yesterday and managed to capture some new footage.

The fan known as 48K, recorded three video clips from the stands of our new home and was very impressed with his first experience of our ground.

I spent a couple of hours this morning having a tour of the stadium and all I can say is…wow! I know it’s a cliché and I know other’s have said it, but the pictures really don’t do it justice. They have managed to make the stadium bowl feel like a vast intimidating colosseum yet tight and intimate with the pitch at the same time. Even from right at the top of the south stand you don’t feel far from the goal at all. And speaking of being at the top of the south stand – those screens are massive. I mean – really huge.

Many of the internal areas I saw were finished albeit wrapped in protective coverings. Some of the food and drink serving areas on the GA concourse in the north and west look ready for business – the fridges are stocked, the screens are displaying menus and prices and the card machines are powered up to take payment. The west stand premium dining areas are at the fit out stage and the finishes, textures, materials and furniture look very high quality indeed. The equivalent areas in the east stand are not as advanced I would describe more at the “construction” stage still with floors being screeded and fitted in some areas and the bars being constructed.

For those familiar with Club Wembley I would say the GA areas have the same sort of vibe about them. I know everything is new so it’s bound to look smart but you really do get the feeling that everything around you is exuding quality and trying to be that step up from a run of the mill experience. You have to pinch yourself to remember you are in a football stadium. The premium areas are obviously a step up again with a more “hotel” vibe and I can well imagine they are going to be an excellent place to entertain clients and friends on match days.

There are loads of people on site but it’s clear that they are focusing on getting specific areas finished – areas which matter for the first game. For example I walked in to the home NFL dressing room – which is huge! – and is at second fix stage with all the players “seating unit/cubby hole things” in place just needing the furniture finishing and switch plates installed, but there’s not a soul working in there.

I walked from the NFL dressing room through the NFL tunnel club and saw the tunnel which was fascinating because of course the roof is sloping down to the floor as the stadium is in football mode so the NFL tunnel has a raker with seating over it. But there is about 2 foot of daylight at the bottom of the raker and you can see the pitch mechanism through it.

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