YOUR VIEW: Who is your Spurs Man of the Match vs Bolton


Aaron Lennon

Following Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 win against Bolton Wanderers at White Hart Lane, we want to know who YOUR Spurs Man of the Match is.

Leave your vote below.

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  1. My vote goes to Niko Krancjar! On the basis of his 10 minutes++ versus JD and 3MP’s 170 mins combined! Against the Magpies, Niko came on in the last 10 mins as well and he changed the flow of the game. He did it again tonite and scored the winner. Imagine what he could have done if he starts. Shame on you Harry! Shame on you!!!!

  2. First! and my vote goes to Niko Krancjar, on the basis of his 10 mins++ versus JD and 3MP's combined 170 minutes. Against the Magpies, he came on in the last 10mins too and changed the flow of the game. Tonite, he did it again and scored a beauty. Imagine if he gets to start. Shame on you Harry!! Shaaaaaammme on you you!!!

  3. Harry, you are pissing me right off, play Kranjar and pav, along with crouch and wilson, why play jermane anus?, hutton? and defoe should be sub until he gets up to speed, you diss good players. from a fans point of view it looks like your taking the piss out of some of our best players. tf keane has gone. please Kranjar on the left, or middle, stop fcuking about with our best players.

  4. How come Harry has forgotten how well Kranjcar filled in for the injured Modric last year. Kranjcar was a huge reason we finished in 4th last year. Kranjcar should have been playing more since the beginning of the year. Harry what’s wrong with you?

  5. screw you Harry. Kranjcar only needed 13 mins on the field to show that he's class and once again goals came from the midfield not the strikers. Last game against Blackburn was a rare occurrence in which Crouch scored a league goal, what needs to happen to change your stubborn ways?

  6. Kranjcar is undoubtedly my man of the match.He did what our ineffective strikers could not do which is to score through a magnificent strike. He has great striking ability and I am surprised that Harry does not make him play more often. Harry tends to leave the better players, including Pav, on the bench.Why? Why?

  7. Harry has gone into club bunkrupt mode let’s buy piennar who is not even half as good as niko the put as one of he top earner at £70k a week then we drop niko loan dos santos and give up on modric on the left. Play niko or modric on the left when bale is out not pointless piennar who touch is worst than darren bent!

  8. Thank god NIko scored, just goes to show what an inept manager harry is and what a lucky one he is also. Can anyone tell me what he has against him and Pav? stevie wonder could see that Pav is our best strike yet harry insits on playing with crouch who has just scored 2 goals all seaon and he has had the most game time. THink about it, look at all our creative midfield players, they create so many chances for crouch and defoe and they simply cant finish them off, flog them harry you wheeler dealer, stick to what u do best. u r not a manager

  9. My vote goes to Kranjcar as a protest although my head said Lennon played even better (sorry Lennon). I'm also surprised that no one mentioned that Pav gave the assisst. Don't think the 2 should start every game,but should be given more chances. Hope tonight would wake Harry up to play more often the last one of the 4 "visibles" : Charlie,Karnjcar,Pav,SANDRO as well.
    BTW,not sure VDV should have taken the penalty after a disallowed one,and also the same side 3 times in a row,bit arrogant to me.
    Relieved,but pleased, Definitely near another gear when facing ACM.

  10. My vote goes to Niko. I'm a huge Spurs fan, but I'd rather watch Niko go to another club than see him every game on the bench.

  11. Very interesting comments from everyone. I'm with you on Pav vs Crouch. Give the Russian the nod every time. Not only does he score more, he also fits into our style of play more effectively, complementing the others and helping to produce faster, more incisive football.


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