Watch: Adrian Durham absolutely tears into Spurs with 10 things wrong at the club

Image: SpursWeb

Radio host Adrian Durham has launched a scathing attack on Tottenham Hotspur after making ten claims about what he claims is wrong with the club.

The talkSPORT presenter pulled no punches with his criticism of the Champions League finalists.

Durham who is known for his controversial ‘radio click bait’ to try and antagonise listeners to phone into his show claimed that Mauricio Pochettino isn’t that good a manager and Heung-min Son is just an ‘ok’ player.

He also claimed that Christian Eriksen should leave the club this summer and Spurs fans are partly to blame for the hype they created around the Champions League final.

Listen to the full tirade, below.


Durham’s views can be taken with a pinch of salt, he will say anything to try and rile listeners. Spurs are definitely on the right course after years of mediocrity and if Daniel Levy backs Pochettino in the transfer market this summer, we can become contenders and silence Durham once and for all.

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  1. Durham with usual pathetic comments. Contradicts himself everytime he wants to get people wound up just so they’ve ring into his show. Simple fact poch has net spend of like 30 mill and Klopp has like 300 mill that’s all that needs to be said. A Lamborghini wouldn’t lose in a race to a fiat 500 would it. We doing things probably and progressing. Look at arsenal and united. Moan about them if you want to hammer under achievers. Two teams that spent millions and millions more than spurs yet haven’t finished above us in 3 years. Poch is just alryt lol!! That’s why real, United, Juve and PSG would all snap him up. There just small clubs that don’t no anything about football. Why aren’t they listening to the complete football expert that is Aidrian Durham I mean the bloke has worked in radio for like 10 years he must no a heck of a lot more about football than ex pros and that… TOOL!!

  2. At the start of the season he did the same stating Spurs would go nowhere having not signed a new player. Who would have thought we qould make CL final and finish top 4 above Arsenal and Man U. He is just making entertaining radio…but his comments do make a difference as he has s heard byba lot of football fans and pros. Lets see if he is wrong again?

  3. Adrian Durham is a complete and utter wanker! He is a notorious THFC antagonist and wholly biased against the club, therefore anything coming out of his mouth on the subject should be totally ignored. Why give this tosser the time of day? He certainly doesn’t deserve any publicity for his asinine opinions, so just ignore him.

  4. Durham is pathological in his hatred for Spurs. He even blamed Daniel Levy for “not getting the new stadium ready on time” overlooking the fact that it was the builders not the club to blame.
    To say that Potch is “not that good” and Sonny boy is “ok” is so risible that it hardly needs any comment.
    Mr Durham I strongly suggest you consult a doctor as a matter of urgency.

  5. Honestly does anybody give any serious attention to this one dimensional, irritating, un-objective biased and over-bearing second rate hack? As soon as he launches into one of his notorious and usually well OTT rants, about any given subject in particular, I simply switch him off! Then I don’t have to listen to that inane by and utter drivel that spews out of his tiresome and too often boorish mouth!

  6. Nobody with sense ever heckles a comedian however third-rate the man on stage is, because the comedian has control of the microphone. I’m never prouder of Spurs fans than when this particular individual rants on at length about Spurs but barely anyone rings in and takes the bait. I sense that if desperate enough they have a few previous callers they can then try to contact for one or two supposed ‘Spurs opinions’. Mind you, there are other radio programmes whose presenters are intelligent and respectful enough to have both station and callers involved in often perceptive, witty and informed opinion, and they make for wonderful radio-listening.


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