West Brom chairman blasts Daniel Levy

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West Bromwich Albion chairman Jeremy Peace has issued a statement following the transfer debacle between the Baggies and Tottenham Hotspur over Saido Berahino.

Peace told the official West Brom site: “We have a key player who has been very unsettled by antics which were designed to get him out of our club cheaply.

“Those tactics have continued despite my making our position clear in my first conversation with Daniel Levy on this subject in mid-August.

“I said selling Saido so late in the window was not on our agenda.

“Tottenham’s offers failed substantially to reflect Saido’s true value while the timing made no allowance for our own recruitment of a suitable replacement for a proven Premier League goalscorer.

“Saido has been unsettled to the point where our Head Coach has not felt able to select him for our last three games.

“We are now left with the task of repairing the damage created by this unfortunate episode.”

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  1. I am absolutely dumbfounded and disgusted at the way Levy continues to do business. We have been crying out for another striker and I understand the necessity to sell unwanted players to get them off the wage bill but to have the transfer window close and have only one recognised striker (Adebyour not included as he is a greedy mercenary) is ludicrous. If Harry Kane cannot find last season's form or gets injured we will struggle to finish in the top 10. I do believe Son will prove to be a fantastic signing but throughout the squad we have got no real depth.
    I am fast coming to believe that Poch is not the man to take Spurs forward. He appears to be tactically inept to make changes when a goal is required and just seems to be Levy's puppet & a 'yes' man. Grow a pair Poch!

    • Hey, you think the rest of the BPL hasn't figurd out that Spurs are one top notch striker away from dominance and can therefore try to fleece Levy? I would rather see Levy tell WBA to pound sand and wait for Kane to come around rather than overpay for talent. As near as I can tell the worst thing Levy does is run Spurs like a business, which is good. Look at the mess Daniel Snyder made of NFL Washington to see what happens when an owner acts like a pampered supporter.

  2. If I were Berahino, I would probably be tempted to tell Peace that I am not going to play – end of! I then might be tempted to have a pop at him just to ensure that the relationship was untenable.

    • The problem with that is that he then opens himself to being sacked for gross misconduct as well as being sued for damages. WBA would be in a position to say, "We turned down an offer of £23 mill for him and that is our losses". Basically, SB would be on the hook for £23 mill. In theory, as a free agent, he could get a £23 mill signing fee if he came to us, but would we want to pay that sort of money for a player that goes on strike as soon as he sniffs a better offer. And obviously, as nobody is even offering £15 mill for him, that is yet another reason for Spurs not to offer him that sort of money.

      There is a precedent with Adrian Mutu, who currently owes Chelsea €17 mill. In that case, Mutu was sacked for a cocaine habit,. The FA agreed that this amounted to just cause to sack him. I think if a player refuses to play, then that is certain to be "just cause".

      • Don't know UK contract or employment law, but in the U.S. there is no penalty for going on strike, nor can employer sue to recoup losses as you describe. What cost WBA the 23 mil was that they said no to it, not that Berahino was on strike. Since they lost out on the money by their own choice they have no recourse.

  3. One man tried his utmost to extract every last penny out of the deal vs his equal opposite.

    No-one made it public apart from the twat at west brom. It's that simple…

  4. It's difficult to believe in the light of this statement, that Peace was not being serious when he said SB was not for sale. That being the case, all those who say Levy should have offered more now look a bit foolish. I think once they realise that, the emphasis will change to " Levy should have had a plan b for player X". Of course if X wasn't signed, they would then have gone back to say that "Levy should not have given up on Berahino".

    I don't suppose in the light of subsequent events, that anybody sees a comparison between SB and Adebayor? Personally, I have mixed feelings about this. I hoped we would sign him, but seeing how he has behaved afterwards, it is only likely to be a matter of time before he did the same to us. That being the case, I suspect that the people who are castigating Levy for not buying him today, would probably blame Levy for having bought him in the first place, because, "You could see what he was like before we bought him".

  5. Clearly not worth much more than half their valuation. Glad we didn't get mugged off as it's sets a precedent look at the fee utd paid for Marshall and most of their transfers in the last 2 seasons. They are known as a soft touch so they get rinsed.

  6. Levy had longer than today to find a striker suitable. There are many strikers out there. When you take away money made from sales in what we’ve spent it works out we’ve spent about 5million.
    Levy has been the cancer in the club for a while now. How are you supposed to progress when the very man that could progress it holds it back in every decision.
    In the last few seasons we have gone backwards. Clubs like Crystal Palace, Stoke and Newcastle have caught up with us by spending money. Due to higher tv rights every club has more to spend and invest in squads yet for about 4 in the last 6 seasons we’ve turned a profit on transfers. Levy has been pulling the wool over our heads and mugging us off for ages now. All the times we were so close to achieving something and just needed a certain player he’d go cheap and get a Saha or nelson. When we needed a prolific striker we got Frazer Campbell on loan or nothing as today!
    Time after time he holds us back.
    His record of employing dud manager after dud manager including the current one is really poor!
    Levy never does the right thing for Spurs, he holds the club back when actually it wouldn’t take much to progress it to the next level.
    I’ve had enough now. It’s time Levy went. We are going backwards and fast.
    Poch is a yes man. Levys finger puppet. He’s clueless and the fact he has come out and said he’s happy with the squad proves that. The squad is the weakest it’s been in a long time! No organisation, no width, no creativity, no defensive mids, no back up strikers. It’s inbalanced and way too young and inexperienced!
    It’s not pochs fault he ain’t no good though. Poch was never the right man for the job. He’s not got what is needed to pull this great club back. He’s tactically clueless. The reason for this whole mess is Levy. How many lives does this bloke have?! He’s done it again by leaving us short and embarressing the club in his transfer negotiations.
    Another thing what exactly do our scouts do or get paid for because if we had only one target as a new striker out of a whole world then they must of been sleeping through the transfer window.
    So poor, so frustrating, so f*cked off with Levy!

    • Any manager that openly criticises his boss gets sacked. This yes man accusation is asinine. You appear to be trolling from Islington are you?

  7. To be honest …… I am sure 25M does not reflect Saido's Value…….neither does 15M……I personally think we will pick him up cheaper in January! We did sign another out and out Striker in Clinton…….. he hardly ever plays wide man. And at the end of the Day we still have Adebayor as back up ! Kane isn't firing on all cylinders yet but hopefully that will come and the rest of the lads just need to settle . We are not going to challenge for the title this season , as per every other! But what we can do is get behind what we have got and stop moaning about Levy….he is what he is and has been around long enough for us all to realize that. Our major stumbling block at the moment is Poch ……Shocking to say the least. He needs to change our playing style dramatically, we have the players out there to up the game a bit. We just have to sit back and watch with frustration


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