West Ham urge Spurs to bid for Parker soon


West Ham boss Sam Allardyce has warned Tottenham that if they want to sign Scott Parker to attempt to sooner rather than later.

Harry Redknapp is a big admirer of the England midfielder but has been put off by his price tag.

“It is a worry that Spurs might wait until the last minute because it would be the wrong time to do it,” said Allardyce.

“If they want to come and do it then, I will be telling the chairmen it is the most expensive time and not the cheapest.

“So if Harry is listening, or anyone at Tottenham, watch out, don’t be waiting that long because you won’t be able to do it.”

Allardyce added: “There are no bids for Scott at the moment so we continue to improve him as if he is going to start the season in our team, until such time as somebody bids the right money that would be acceptable to the club,” he said.

“It’s like that for every player at ever club. There is speculation and that will continue right through to the 31st of August unfortunately, but that is the way it is.

“We need to deal with it, it is very, very difficult indeed, but there is not a lot we can do about it.”


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  1. We dont need him its as simple as that, id take him on loan for cover as sandros injured but spend your money on strikers please!

  2. I think we should sign him. We suffered last season against the bottom teams – we missed an in-form Wilson (who had made the difference in the previous season). Sad to say, if we’d had Parker we would have probably finished in the top 4. His performance at WHL last season was exceptional.

  3. parker on loan for a year, give him back when the spammers get promoted, excellent cover for sandro BUT sandro said himself hed be back in 1 month not 3 so maybe parker not so necessary…

  4. He is a good player but for his age and the amount of money, he just isnt worth it with huddlestone and sandro in the middle. Strikers much more important!

  5. Every week he's at West Ham, his wages are crippling them. Sullivan and Gold in January said that they no longer have to sell, especially to rivals; so Millwall wont be calling. Perhaps dip into the Newham slush fund, that'll keep the wolf from the door..for a while anyway!

  6. Sam as a newcomer to the club perhaps is unaware of the dildo duos promise not to do business with Spurs again.Still desperate times call for desperate measures.The dildo duo must be desperate to get Parker off of the wage bill .With the championship beckoning big Sam needs some money to build a team to get out of the championship but with nothing of any worth to sell its going to be a long hard season and this before the scam of the OS is exposed.

  7. Sell him to Chelsea to keep that other pensioner Drogba company.
    Really Sam you are beginning to sound like a used car salesman ——– but maybe that is why you will fit right in at West Ham.

  8. Lol weird faced twitch head just wants him cheap. Of course he wants last years best player (it wasn’t huddlestone or sandro).

    And if hammers can’t shift their players what about spurs?? Made many sales yet, have clubs been lining up for the worst squad players in the prem (what are those prices set? You are a laughing stock).

    You’re not exactly attracting better quality than Parker and Modric does not want to play for you lol. Even if you keep him it looks desperate forcing someone against their will to like you lol

    Ooh how’s the striker search going, the big names you think you’ll get seem to be getting smaller by the week (adebayor lol), no one wants to play for you, no one wants to play for a press loving twitch face who doesnt want be manager of spurs once the England manager comes up, no one wants to play for a chairman who goes back on his word and forces players to stay like some little sulky girl

    You lot are being laughed at and that can’t be changed

    Bye ladies

  9. Thats very funny coming from a fan of a team who got relegated last year lol. If anyone is a laughing stock its the spammers lol.

  10. We got relegated and deservedly so but spent nothing what weird eyes spent. Now we have to rebuild and try again.

    The reason you’re a joke is that you always think you are better than you are. Saying things like Parker’s not good enough and get the message spurs don’t want him is rubbish. Teams above, and better than you are trying to sign him and it was press loving shaky face that tried tapping him up last summer (he stayed and never moaned once, unlike your best player which maybe shows what it’s like at spurs).

    Hammers fans are realists, who do you think you’re gonna get who’s so much better quality? So far you’ve bought…

  11. spent nothing? The wages you paid players was astronomical for a team who got relegated. How much was dyre played to never play? The reason we dont want parker is we dont need him. We have a great midfield just no good strikers.


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