What is Lamela doing? – Spurs fans unimpressed with display

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Erik Lamela is definitely a player who splits opinion among the Tottenham Hotspur fanbase, and for the record, I’m not his biggest fan.

Lamela started the match against West Bromwich Albion and his display in the first 45 minutes has caused some Spurs fans to take to social media to share their views on the Argentine.

He’s full of tricks and flicks but there’s little end product. I would much rather see Lucas Moura given a chance, he’s hardly had a kick since he moved from PSG in January, we need a player who is going to attack West Brom with pace and be direct.

Am I being harsh? Share your views below. Here’s a selection of views from the Spurs fan base.

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  1. We Are The BOTTLERS”Pathetic…where was Plan B where was the 2nd striker.We could be above Liverpool challenging for 3rd place bot no we are just about to hang onto 4th place. We shall hear the same old excuses but lets face it when the pressure is on we just cannot cope with it and that is totally due to the manager

  2. The only astonishing thing is that it has taken so many fans to wake up and smell the coffee. He is no better or worse than previously. He has always been, and will always be, not a Spurs first team PL player. I have stated this over and over. I have shown the stats. I have been told to shut up and leave him alone. Well, so many of you have been supporting him all this time. Surely you aren’t going to ditch him now just because you have realised too late? Hardly his fault.

  3. Not against Lamela but surely Mora is more threatening than either Son or Lamela but Poch is so stubborn and frustrating!

    • This is the same Son that scored 18 PL goals last season and is currently 9th in tha table for this season with 12 goals and 5 assists? You say ‘Not against Lamela’. Do you mean you think he is a first team PL player? Who would you leave out to put him in? You already placed him behind Lucas and Son. Lamela is simply not good enough.

  4. Horrible player. Sell him. A disaster since his first games in his first season. Spurs needs to realise they stand a real and likely chance of being outplayed for top 4 finish. Why Pochettino keeps putting his fellow argentinian man up for show, is a huge wonder. Could be money involved here?

  5. im tired of potch and his crap selections harry kane is playing crap football but he doesnt get benched…what direction is our club heading to? are we becoming another ARSENAL? looks like potch has his favourites that gets to play week in and out yet those that wanna play gets benched tottenham is becoming LOSERS yet again

  6. I heard lamela described by commentator as d nearly man he nearly can do everything but never does any of them goals ,assists nothing.taught he summed him up perfectly. This team , squad and even the management starting stagnate will poch decide he can’t bring this club any further without proper investment into the team and not by selling our best players. Levy has spent practically nothing into this squad since poch took over net spend 40million since 2014 . The so called project is at a crossroads this summer.

  7. Levy has coughed up the dosh and Poch has wated a good deal of it on, Sissok, Lamela, nkodu, njie, llorente, soldado, janssen, aurier which means that if we ae not in CL next season Poch will get the sack.

    Ok, so Dele, Toby and Sanchez have been good buys and davies ok.

    Why has he reverted to back 3 in last 2 away games? 6 changes for Brighton, then 3 changes for Baggies.
    Unfortunately, we have the majority of the same players that messed up chasing Leicester.

    Chelski normally beat Pool at the bridge, so hopefully they won’t tomorrow. draw would do or a pool win. given the fact utd lost we could have been chasing second spot. We had better prat the geordies don’t score first.
    Anyways, if we can’t win 3 home games – don’t deserve to be in CL

  8. Poch did not buy lamela, soldado,or for that matter sissoko read his book our esteemed chairman told he’d improve him as a player, some players you can’t improve , another last minute levy deal .njie, gnk are to others I firmly believe they were not pochs signings.levy has to much of a say over signings.40 million net since 2014 is absolutely pittance with d money that’s a wash in d league I believe were second bottom in net in d league

  9. As I’ve said before, Maura should get a start, Lamella is a waste of space. Rose should never have started. Our performances in our last 4 games have been lethargic, no pace, no desire, no plan B etc etc ! Worried we’ll hold on to 4th spot, where as we should have been definites for 3rd, with an outside chance of 2nd !

  10. Today against The Baggies we looked tired, devoid of ideas and until Lucas came on, posed minimal attacking threat AGAINST THE BOTTOM CLUB in the PL. Kane looks a tired, spent force, Sonny not much better, Dele once again barely showed. All the publicity obviously turned his head. The defence with Toby back did look like the good old days, solid and reliable ( except for the one big slip up). Toby must stay whatever it costs.
    Rose can go, looks past his best before date. Lamela defies description, flits about achieving nothing. Poch seems unable to instill some real attacking urgency. Waiting until the last ten minutes to brin g on Lucas was a bad joke. Only way Baggies could stop him was constantly fouling and pulling his shirt. Its not new players we need but some fighting spirit and resolve to win these games. If not, then bye bye CL next year and you can sell the stadium to the man with the “Tache”. We are fast losing interest in the promises.


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