Why FIFA have awarded Tottenham millions of pounds worth of compensation

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur have been compensated by FIFA for the involvement of their players in this summer’s World Cup in Russia.

Research from Berlin-based communications specialists Tonka has discovered that FIFA pays £6,460 per day for each player released for the World Cup. The payments started on 31st May and will end one day after the last game of the team.

If a World Cup player has changed clubs since 2016, the former club(s) will receive a share of the payout. This also applies to transfers in progress. If a player changes clubs during the winter transfer period the total sum is be divided again and paid to the respective clubs.

This means that Tottenham have been awarded £3.4 million for the involvement of their players along with Kyle Walker, Spurs netted the third highest payout of any Premier League club, behind Manchester City (£3.9 million) and Chelsea (£3.5 million).

Let’s hope that Daniel Levy puts it towards some transfer funds for Mauricio Pochettino, but we all know in reality it will go towards stadium costs.

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  1. So the eagle eyed supporters have decided that Kane’s miss was a double save after all, what I can’t understand is how those same supporters are saying that the linesman flagged Kane offside, if their eyesight is so good, you would have thought they had seen the linesman flag for ball out of play after come off the goalkeeper on the other side of the goal, and a corner should have been awarded!

  2. I can’t help thinking that the late return from the world cup off tottenhams Belgium and England players .are gonna hinder the start off our season .time for levy too get the finger out pronto .sign players early too get them bedded in .or our .challenge for premier league glory could go up in smoke early


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