YOUR SAY: Are you happy with our transfer window dealings?


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So the transfer window has slammed shut for another few months and we want to hear your opinions on Tottenham’s transfer dealings for the January transfer window.

Eidur Gudjohnsen and Younes Kaboul have arrived at White Hart Lane while the likes of Kyle Naughton, Alan Hutton and Robbie Keane (matter of time) have all left on loan deals.

Do you feel that we are now in a position to continue our push for a Champions League place or have we failed to bring in the right players?

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  1. No idea what Harry’s up to leaving us with one right back! Still, can’t fault his previous transfer dealings too much (apart from the tax evasion!)…

  2. I’m not thrilled at all. Even with Keane’s poor form, I think he’s much better than the older Gudjohnsen. Also, we no longer have ANY cover for Corluka if he gets injured. As far as Kaboul goes, I think it’s an absolute joke that we brought back one of the most embarrassing players I’ve ever seen in a Spurs shirt for the past decade. And when Gomes gets injured the weekend of deadline day, you would think we would make our priority to sign a GK on loan until Carlo is fit again, but we didn’t manage to get that done either.

  3. Our season is effectively over….7th or 8th at best and out of the cup this week. If Harry really is “Happy with what he’s got” then he must be aiming for mid-table.

  4. I think we`ll miss just having Keane around the place to motivate the lads..
    Expect a bit of a slide down the table now lads i`m sorry to say..

  5. Strange is the best desc. I guess Kaboul is the back up at right back (sure he played there at Portsmouth), otherwise we have some clause to call back one of the guys on loan. Also not really sure about the Gudjonson in and Keane out. I guess time will tell.

  6. Could have done with another strong enforcer in the middle of the park maybe for jenus.

    But there have been too many fringe players mooching about, so Harry has got rid so he can say, “this is it boys, you are my team, lets go and achieve something” (top 4, or 3, FA Cup) fingers crossed


  8. I have to say our squad is being turned in to a shambles. No cover in goal why did we ever sign jimmy walker? no cover at right back unless kaboul goes there but that is a mistake waiting to happen. Gudjohnsen no goals in 18 games in france, why did we sign him. The only good news is that pavlyuchenko is still with us and not keane. I have to say i am worried for the rest of the season, if gomes gets injured we are done for. Also on a different matter completely i am the only one who wonders if harry is the spurs manager to break in to the top four or even keep us in the top 6.

  9. Load of bollox!

    We are down two RB`s leaving us with one, no cover for Gomes or Palacios and fuuking Jermima Jenas is still on our books.

    What the fuuk happened this window?

  10. Harry has completely lost the plot. Perhaps hes off back to pompey? When corluka gets injured (and it is not an IF it is a when, as Harry has made him a target) we are dead in the water. Will probably happen on Saturday at villa. Harry has certainly torpedoed our club this time. We will be lucky to finish top six now i’m sad to say.

  11. Our transfer dealings really does go to show that ‘Droopy’ is an absolute ringpiece. We needed to sign one of : Veloso, Muntari, Sandro or Flamini and instead we’re stuck with freeloaders like Jermaine Penarse. I guarantee that Palacios will get injured in a couple of weeks leaving Thudd and Penarse ( aka Laurel and Cunty ) in the middle of the park .. Not that I’ve ever seen JJ there mind. Still .. At least we’ve resigned another ex no hoper in Kaboul. The main problem is that Redknapp is NOT a winner and has 1 fifth placed finish to his name ( with Wet Sham ). Time for Droopy to mug off before we resign Tainio, Robinson, Mahorn and faakin Edinburgh

  12. Redknapp you are out and out crap. You got Chimbonda back then got rid of him you got Keane back then got rid of him Kaboul was sold because he is useless then you bring him back.You sign Gudjohnsen age 31 from Pontin’s in Monaco.Instead of 3 right backs we now have 1 no cover for Gomes only Defoe can score. You are not at West Ham now you are at my club and you are ruining it. Lets hope you and you’re mate Storrie get sent down this month when all you’re dodgy dealings come to light.

  13. agree with right back definately a strange one!! glad keane is gone. trust me gudjohnsen is gonna be a hit he is crouches replacement is a pile of shit . gutted we didnt get a midfielder but were still in with a shout for fourth!!!!!!!!!! GET BEHIND THE SPURS COOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE OOOOOONNNNNNN YOOOOOOUUU YYYIIIIIIIIDDDDDDSSSSSSSSS

  14. good luck to robbie, i have criticized his selection at times this season but hand on heart i can never say that he never tried. before the window i thought that our priority was another midfielder i was excited about the proposed signing of sandro (i dont know why? as i have never seen him play)so i was a little surprised that we signed a striker & a defender. saying that am i the only one who thought kaboul has the making of a class midfielder the last time he was here. i am also suprised about knaughton going on loan, arry has got it right in the past now is the to trust in his instincts, roll on champions league.

  15. Absolute joke… Well done Harry !!!
    Big thanks 4 chucking away our season.. I could just about put up his bad decisions ( liverpool away ) starting an unfit king wen bassong and daws were on a good bit of form.
    ( Birmingham ) taking off bentley who was one of our best players on the day & bringing on penas ,, which let their fullback come forward & score their equalizer.. Now he goes and sells 2 !! Yes 2 right backs leaving us no cover at all in that area.. Buys a 32 yr old unfit forward.. Keeps the joke which is ( crouch ) who couldn’t hit a barn door and gets rid of a players who’s influence on the pitch or in the dressing room is invaluable.. We didn’t even need a striker ,, we clearly were in need of a strong quality cen midfielder to partner palasios and a goalie …
    Well done again Harry !!

  16. will you fans stop being so goddamn negative? jeez not one of you believes in the team we have and the manager we have atm.
    We still have pav and as far as i can see it that’s good.
    We only loaned players so if i know tottenham, we can recall them if we need to (like if players get injured)
    No cover for palacios? So what’s kaboul gonna be then? cover for lennon?!?!?!?

    As for keane he just wasn’t doing it for us. We now have a more experience player in gudjohnson who has experience from winning the prem and champs league to name a few. How is that not good?

    Believe in your team, we’re currently 4th and have the players capable of keeping us there. COYS

  17. Awful, awful, awful. I presume Kaboul is meant to be cover for Corluka, Dawson, Bassong, Palacios, Huddlestone and maybe even Gomes. Jenas is still at the club (worse than awful), Pav is at the club and won’t be used. Johnson signs with City (great for them – where were we in all that, he’s better than Rose). 4 strikers were too many, so we brought in another and then loaned out our captain? IMHO, our squad is no better than it was last week and it may well be worse. Imagine if Lennon is crocked and Gomes and Huddlestone/Palacios go down? Eidur is good, but he really needs someone with pace and who understands what OFFSIDE is to be effective. I’m sure Defoe, Crouch will still be first choice. Question. If Pav and Bentley play very well when allowed, who looks bad, the players or ‘Arry? Mid table manager, mid table team. Shame – no excuse.

  18. Forgot about the Sabdro link – How come he never arrived? I thought he was a done deal, could have done with him as another option in midfield.
    Alnwick being the only cover for Gomes – Not too sure about that one, he’s been with us going on 4 years and no-one has ever tried him when first choice keeprs were injured so why are we relying on him now??

  19. I am absoluylt furios! Not by the players whos gone out on loan, but our failure to bring in player who can improve the team.
    What happens when palacios gets injured/suspended?? and trust me it will happend, at least the suspension part, we MUST have and midfield enforcer to cover for Palacios. And what abot and out and out winger(dont get me started on D.Bentley)to the people who loke him and think hes good, start watching ladies fotball. We will never get in this position again, at least for many years to com:( goodbye champions league:(

  20. we are now relying on so many factors :- Gomes not to get injured – Corluka not to sit back too relaxed as he has no-one to challenge him for his place – Wilson doesn’t pick up an injury – Defoe keeps hitting the back of the net and that Pav can up his game to challenge for a starting line up

  21. I am very pessimistic. We needed desperately
    a) two intelligent and physically strong midfield players,
    b) a dominant inside the box and able to lead the defense center half and
    c) a quick, intelligent and able to take good positions inside the box striker.

  22. And as for kaboul !! Wot is all that about ?
    Who next Andy Reid ? Anthony gardener ? Maybe nick barmby he used 2 play 4 us ! Cmon Harry there must be some more of our old players ..

  23. can we actually let the team play and let them show what they have?

    as for harry… he saved us from an awful season and has taken us to top 4 contenders again. Can’t be too bad can he?

    And can we stop thinking of worst case scenario’s like players getting injured. Why can’t we just be happy with the players we have and put faith in our manager

  24. My god, calm down everyone. We have the best squad we’ve had go years. We have cover at RB in kabol, he’s been brilliant for pompey this season, alot better than when with us. And id played RB. Also gudjohnson is cover. Better than keane has been but I’ve hot a feeling he’s just a stop gap till the summer. I only wish we had got fernandes or veloso. Mose’s would have been a good buy at that price too……Coys…..

  25. Doesn’t anyone want Jenas? And I too am worried about no cover for right back. Maybe Assou could play there while Bale stays left.

  26. I think signing Eidur could be very good for bringing in winning mentality and he has loads of experience. Something we currenty don’t have at Spurs. I am happy Pav is still with us but I also didn’t really want to see Keane go on loan. Kaboul never really got a fair crack at it while at Spurs and I hope he has improved like they are saying. He played alongside Campbell so he should of picked up some useful knowledge there on how to focus and defend. It’s a shame we haven’t signed a back-up keeper and letting two right backs leave is strange to say the least. Hopefully we have made a deal whereby we can call the loan players back if required, I’m sure we would have. I think we would all have been over the moon to see JJ leave and a real midfielder arrive but easier said then done. I’m sure we did try and bring one in. As for the fickle fans out there saying we screwed up the last transfer window well that is rubbish. We finishesd 7th last season after being in 20th position, that is amazing by anyone’s standards and the signings helped.

  27. Also we did try and sign the Stoke keeper but he didn’t want to come. You never know a deal may have been done for somebody else and be confirmed later.

  28. When harry says hes happy with his squad iether he has not been watching recent games or hes lost the plot.

    we need better players , i also think he will be happy with 6th or 7th place

  29. Mr Lewis
    can you honestly i repeat honestly hand on heart be happy with crouch starting week in week out? Defoe ain’t even gotta score goals & he’s guaranteed to start as is the praying mantice… Pav don’t even get a look in and the reason… Cos he ain’t one of harrys boys ..
    It’s a disgrace.., it’s also a disgrace how Jermaine penas still gets on the pitch at all.
    And as someone else said where were we in the Adam Johnson saga?
    I seem to remember boro refusing point blank with us a year ago over downing ,, they said they wouldn’t do business with us ever again.
    So what do we go and do ? Loan em naughton .. Well done again .. I could go on and on and on ..

  30. I cannot believe most of these posts. Support your manager and the team or we will all be back to where we were when Jol got hounded out. Look what Ramos brought us
    We need to be behind ALL our squad plus the Manager and Board. Levy is no mug now, although he has been mugged in the past when learning his craft as one of the best Chairman in the business
    GOMES – Harry tried to get the oy from Pompey, but he went to Stoke for 1st team football at the last minute
    NAUGHTON – Not good enough yet so Harry is cute to send him out for experience
    HUTTON – I am sure Harry will have a recall clause in this loan deal if Corluka gets crocked
    KABOUL – Harry had a season with him at Pompey, and the lad has been shining this season although in a poor team. Good value for cover
    KEANE – Not done yet, but I think his influence etc etc has gone since no guaranteed starting place. Harry sees him every day, so let’s allow him to make the call
    PAV – A good player who will now shine under Harry
    GUDJOHNSEN – Has won the Prem and CL. The guy knows how to handle the pressure of winning. Will be good for the whole squad and be a good bench option. Man City got Viera for the same reason
    Get behind the whole squad guys and stop bitching. Last January we were praying for a top half finish, so even having a chance of 4th is great progress

  31. couldn be happier at the pikey rat (kean) leaving ! he only came back because he couldn cut it at liverpool . everyone seems to forget he lift us in the shit when he joined liverpool. spurs captain my balls ..

  32. Sorry Tyrone, any competent manager would have kept a grossly underperforming squad out of relegation. This squad is no better this year than it was at the end of last year. He brought back Keane and Chimbonda when there was really no need for either player. Money wasted. His love for Defoe and Crouch will see us in 8th before year’s end. The current squad has thrown away 12 points (14 if you include Villa). CL contenders always drop points unexpectedly, but not 1 every 2 games. At least in the lasagnagate season we were there right til the end. We’ll be out of it long before we play the big 3. Watch how fast City progress now that they have a coach who really understands football. In a month he has them playing beautiful football and has got Tevez going and has resurrected the beast that is Richards. We now have to rely on Villa, Pool and City blowing it if we’re to succeed and all of O’Neill, Mancini and Benitez are sharper than Redknapp IMO. Shame really, we were building towards something special and now I would not be shocked if we lost Lennon when he shows the world how great he is in South Africa. Gutted am I.

  33. I hate you Redknapp. I detest you’re son and as for Louise John Terry would not put his hand in his pocket. Who done the deal for the Thomas Cook advert was it Max Clifford no it was the star man himself Peter Storrie- another brown envelope.Is the window closed now – that’s a pity I thought of jumping then I thought of watching Westsham no fuck it I will jump.

  34. He keeps talking up city saying how much money they’ve got.., how good liverpool are.., gerrard torres blah blah blah.. Then he comes out with crap like we only had 7 points when i took over this club… Fact is we were in a great position at the start of this season and he should have believed … But he don’t.
    He’s never managed at a club in and around the top 4 with the quality of players we have at his disposal before and he’s not brought in what we needed .. I actually think he’ll be happy with 6th place

  35. Calm down guys it is not all bad. Leeds will knock us out of the cup on Wed. and that will give H time to concentrate on the real matter in hand fighting for 12th. place. I know we can do it now that Kaboul is back. Be positive.

  36. agree mainly with you lienspur but I would have liked naughton to stay and learne the trade – learning from the guys ahead of him with the occassional game or sub appearance.
    Keane had to go – he’s done for, Pav deserves a chance to get back into the first eleven and I do’t thinkn that would have happened if keane stayed…and Eider is a good signing for the squad.

  37. People wo are saying goodbye champions league need to remember reaching 4th is something that was a pipedream at the beginning of the season. With the usual big four and the huge take over at City. Not to mention Villa improving all the time. So to finish in the top 6 would be a success and if we do manage to finish 4th it will be fantastic. Harry has done such a great job since taking over. People really need to be realistic. Before the season started we tried to sign, Tevez, Toure, J. Cole, Robben, Vieria if any of these players had of come it would have been great and we could be in 3rd place right now if they had of signed but they wanted crazy wages so what can you do? Put the club in debt? No thanks. We also didn’t have loads to spend in this transfer window. Kranjcar is still one of the signings of the season. We are 4th in the league lads…COYS

  38. Giys and gals……With what’s happened I do still strongly believe that 4th place will be between us and Man City….Villa will fade and Liverpool don’t have enough about them..and who knows, once Chelski beat Ar5ena1, hoping we can beat Villa…..then we can have a go at them as well. COYS!!

  39. Its a little worrying to say the least, but Arry must know his squad and its capabilities. The one saving grace is the fact we still have PAV , who is still a relatively fresh player due to his lack of opportunities so far .If Arry sees sense he will give PAV the chance to prove himself and save our season.

  40. For the 1st time since harry took over im now starting to doubt the man. Not just because of this transfer window where he seemed to want rid of both Pav AND Keane it would now seem (and replace with the overhill iceman?!) but because of his blind faith in Defoe and Crouch. Crouch is a good bench warmer to have as an option towards end of game but nothing more. Defoe is SO overated its untrue- he seems to lack intelligence to get himself in an onside position which results in our attackign play always breakign down! and for a so called natural finisher he tends to always lash the ball towards goal rather then place it and never looks at passing to team mates in better positions etc AND NO COVER FOR RIGHT BACK OR GOAL?!!! what is that about? okay there may not have been the players available out there to fill the GK role but to let two RB’s on the books go out on loan is a shambles! How can KEane go from being captain to being shipped out?! HAs Harry lost the plot?

  41. Not too fussed about the Keane deal as I don't think he's been the same player since coming back from Liverpool – Defoe and crouc are his two main strikers and I think Pav should be allowed a chance to shine..With Keane gone he will get more of a chance and Pav will do well. Plus playing that little bit more will keep his valuation up – Just in case.

    My only worry is that Hutton and Naughton going. I would probably have kept Naughton as the back up, again we've paid good money for him and not given him the chance…..

    Kaboul is nothing more than cover – he'll never be a starter with the likes of Leds, Daws, Bass & Woody….Same as Eider – He's cover for forwards (4th choice) and also a secondary option for wide play….Keep the faith – we beat Vill at the weekend then we're still in with a chance

  42. Gudjohnsson looked classy but slow about 2 years ago at Barca. Doubt he’s speeded up since. I think he’ll be an attacking central midfielder/in the hole forward rather than a target man. Might or might not work out.

    I’m sure Harry’s looking on Kaboul as centre back / right back cover. I always thought he’d be worth a try as defensive midfielder, so maybe he’ll be cover for Wilson as well. Just hope he doesn’t get injured!!

    Must beat Villa, otherwise 7th place beckons.

  43. Well where have you all bean when Robbie has bean savaged by morons who question is form but dont ask themselves why two goalkeepers and there defences have turned into world class players against us then returned to normal the week after.Its called selsctive cheating and beating Wigan 9-1 made it worse no matter how much information i gave you and now its got worse the two teams with massive dept have bean given the green light to go faster and faster and one wins the league and the other gets the top four till a buyer gets them both out of the mire in the summer so it dont matter who we buy its done and dusted at the Headquarters and UK sport to ignore blistering speed and shock results just has long has this is the finish UTD CHELSEA ARSENAL LIVERPOOL MAN CITY Both finish 4th identical and are both allowed in the champs it wouldn’t surprise me

  44. Rick, none of those guys was ever coming to Spurs. They, like so many before them, use Spurs to leverage better wages from other squads (not suggesting we go down this route). We have no money to spend because HR would rather sit players than play them or trade them. Pav has more talent than Defoe, Crouch or Keane. The values of Pav, Hutton, Bentley, Gio, Jenas has gone down so much because we don’t play them and won’t sell at a loss. So we’ll have these guys til they all leave on a free. Agree, before the season started 4th was a pipedream and 6th realistic, but that’s not how it played out. A fortnight ago 4th was still in our hands, now it’s not. You suggest that Harry’s done a great job? Really? Is he bringing along the young guys (essential if we’re to succeed while maintaining the wage structure)? Is he playing our best players? Is he getting everything out of the squad he’s got? Are we improving as the season goes on? If your answer is yes to all these questions, we just see it differently. Top 4 is very difficult unless you’re already there. The door was wide open for us this year and we got stuck in the screen.

  45. I think everybody should just calm down and look at this from a tactical point of veiw. It does’nt take a retard to figure out there is going to be a clause in naughton’s contract to allow him to come back should we need him, so thats the right back sorted. Cover for Gomes, Ben Alnwick looks pretty solid en i reckon harry sees him as ideal back up plus 90% of spurs fans agree that our youth dont get much of a look in well maybe Alnwick will. Keane has not been the same player since he came back so he has been given his marching orders fair enough i say. Kaboul has been touted by many as being a future prem star defender en i think he did alright for us, we need a solid centre of defence who play side by side week in week out. future partnership Kaboul and Bassong. As for Gudjohnson i see this as being a mouth watering prospect, lets face it he was awesome for Chelsea and Barcelona just couldnt get to grips with the french leauge ( probably cuz the football there is fuckin shit) but he will make an imiediate impact, a fresh face up front will kick start us again. A win against Villa en were back in buisness COYS!!!!!!!

  46. Peterballb. I know none of those players were coming to Spurs but Harry did try and sign them, so at least he tried. Also I strongly believe Harry’s done a great job…look at the evidence? Took us over in 20th place, the club was looking doomed, remember those dark hours? Then we finished in 7th!!! That is 13 positions higher. He also took us to a CUP FINAL in the same season and we lost to the best team in the land on pens. That can happen to any team. We are currently sitting in 4th spot in the league after 24 games and have a better defence record then Arsenal. All this in just over a year. That is nothing short of outstanding yet you question whether he doing a great job? Have you lost the plot?

  47. Here’s the problem Rick, you’re looking in the rearview mirror. Last year was last year. Frankly the points we threw away over Christmas 2008/2009 cost us Europe and that was under Harry’s watch. IMHO, the minimal expectation of any Spurs side has to be Europe. And BTW we finished 8th last year tied with the Hammers but got the 8th spot on goal differential. I was never worried about relegation because we were always underperforming. Throwing away 12 points in 24 games is hardly outstanding. And no, I haven’t lost the plot, I’m just reading this year’s book, not last year’s.

  48. All these comments saying we won’t get 4th is a joke, i mean Keane, Hutton, Gio & Kyle Naughton have barely featured for us in the past 2-3 months. I still believe we have the squad to match the best even if it means not having a irish striker pointing his finger everywhere on the pitch. I mean Keane has obviously been lacking confidence since his move to liverpool & maybe in the SHIT-P-L he can regain some confidence because lets be serious that league is a joke.. Younes Kaboul back is a good signing considering he can play across the backline and even in DM if palcios is to get injured. Hes improved alot & harrys brought him before so hes obviously got alot of confidence in him. Who ever puts on a lily white shirt ill back them 100%

  49. The expectation at one stage was to try and stay up! Yes we were under performing and that could have cost us if it hadn’t of change. Harry has turned the club completely around, you have such a short memory. Then to climb up the league and finish a whisker away from Europe is stunning. Yet you still think we should have qualified for Europe? You don’t half expect a lot. This years book says we are in 4th spot after 24 games. You would have taken this every time before the season started at this stage of the season. Or maybe you think we should be 2nd or even top?

  50. this transfer window for spurs is a joke signing a player we sold because he was no good taking one on loan who has not kick a ball this season if we want that C/L place we must invest in better players Redknapp and Levy have lost it when buying they always go for cheap players that no other club want

  51. Actually I do believe we’ve thrown away 12 points which would have us in second. If we were just hitting our stride and were in 4th after 24 games I’d be tickled pink. We’re heading in the other direction. We’ve gone from being in control of our own destiny just a few short weeks ago to depending on other teams that have the momentum, failing. Not an enviable position. I think Harry is an average manager, and that’s what we’re seeing.

  52. You know what guys? Go and support Arsenal if all you wanna do is moan. Yes there are some things that I’m frustrated with but unlike you I support my team and its manager instead of slagging them off. You all make me sick.

  53. Look at all the games we dominated and drew,we outplayed them yet we could not score most of our chances,and for that reason I blame Harrys tactics,playing his favorite strikers and leaving out Pav.He should have done more to try and make Pav happy by playing him ,and now Harry has the chance to make things right by giving Pav the chance to prove himself.

  54. Do not always agree or understand Harry and his dealings. Hutton and Naughton were both R Back if Coluka gets injured who will replace him now. I really do hope Kaboul has improved but still think his signing is a step back. Still I think Harry a quality manager who has moved us in the right direction. Keep faith, all things are possible and the false North London club can still be caught.

  55. Yeah and Bobby Robson was wrong to pick Pearce and Waddle as penalty takers.

    Let’s piss on his grace for losing us the World Cup!

    Don’t you idiots see what Harry Redknapp has done for us? His good decisions have far outweighed his bad ones and that’s all you can ask of anyone.

    Please f*** off and send your negativity towards our top 4 rivals.

  56. Complete farce of a transfer window. Redknapp did a good job to steady the ship, but he’s obviously way out of his league.

    We’ve still got the cup to aim for so let’s get behind the lads.

    Redknapp can clear off at the end of the season.

  57. It was announced that harry had no money to spend, so no need to question why there where no big signings. Harry knows what he is doing, he is a professional manager and we are not. Eidur Gudjohnessen brings experience to a fairly young team and kaboul has covered us at the back. We are currently in a champions league spot with the players we have so there was no need for big changes. Hope to see the likes of pav, bentley and gio play more games now others have made way.


  59. With Naughton and Hutton gone, do we have cover for Corluka??? Aren’t we shot on defenders? Don’t tell me Kaboul will play left back?

  60. Congratulations Harry- Master manipulation of the loan system to sort out our striker issues.
    Defoe+Crouch first choice pairing playing pretty well together, need serious competition to keep them on their toes- not happenning at the moment.

    Keane- Lost confidence and form and showed lack of discipline, respect and brains- he is the captain! By organising Dublin party after told not to by harry.

    Pav-Demotivated by lack of chances.

    So Harry sends keane of to Celtic for six months where he wins title, increases confidence and returns back on form or increases re-sale value close to 12m we want for him.

    Pav- Bought for 14m not worth 9m in todays market. Gets a chance to play as rotation for crouch, hopefully proving his value and keeping crouch out, increasing re-sale value or staking place n team

    Eider- Takes Pav’s slot on the bench.

    So in two loan moves Harry has reduced the wage bill, sent our foolish captain off for re-vitalisation and gives pav a chance at redemption. Also a more versatile player in Gudjonnsen is bought in.

    Looks pretty smart to me…….

  61. Kierontheyid you can bury your head in the sand all you like or look at our stuttering form and that of the teams around us with resources (ManC)and the necessary drive (Liverpool)to get 4th place. If you are foolish enough, go to your bookies and put a serious wad on your blind convictions.

  62. Seing Keane paraded at Celtic like some long lost hero made me feel quite annoyed. I think he has been a terrific player for us but for some reason something has gone badly wrong this year, and he has certainly been cast aside since the Xmas party problem. Then this morning I had my sensible head on and at the end of the day if any player wants to go and not sit and fight it out for a place in the team and the chance to possibly get into the CL then he should go. Perhaps we might be better off without him – no player is bigger than the club or has a devine right to wear the shirt week in week out. I think for him he is going to a league that has no ambition, he may as well drop into the Championship. I am sure he will earn all of his £65k a week battering goals in against Kilmarnock!

  63. I have to say, that I haven’t quite understood the logic of our activity in this transfer window. We’ve taken in a defender that didn’t seem to suit Spurs very well in the first place and we’ve taken on loan a striker that can’t get first team football where he was. In the same instant, we’ve got rid of any right back cover (before the loan of Kyle Walker and the sale of Gunter, we actually had 5 men ready for this position last year) and then loan our captain off in the season we’re going for Champions League football. The rather classy Giovanni Dos Santos also looks like he’s been flaunted for a sale rather than working himself into the Tottenham Hotspur starting XI.

    I am not entirely sure we have strengthened our team over the transfer window but I am more than willing to eat my words. Come on the Spurs!

    I can’t say that I am at all sure that this team is any better than when we started the

  64. I have to say, that I haven’t quite understood the logic of our activity in this transfer window. We’ve taken in a defender that didn’t seem to suit Spurs very well in the first place and we’ve taken on loan a striker that can’t get first team football where he was. In the same instant, we’ve got rid of any right back cover (before the loan of Kyle Walker and the sale of Gunter, we actually had 5 men ready for this position last year) and then loan our captain off in the season we’re going for Champions League football. The rather classy Giovanni Dos Santos also looks like he’s been flaunted for a sale rather than working himself into the Tottenham Hotspur starting XI.

    I am not entirely sure we have strengthened our team over the transfer window but I am more than willing to eat my words. Come on the Spurs!


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