YOUR VIEW: Who is your Spurs Man of the Match vs Blackburn?


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Following Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-1 win against Blackburn Rovers, we want to know who YOUR Man of the Match is.

Did Pavlyuchenko’s two goal display catch your eye or maybe Gareth Bale’s tireless display on the left flank deserves your vote.

Leave your vote, below.

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  1. Gareth Bale is making a serious case as our first choice left-midfielder.

    I’m afraid it won’t happen this season, but the prospect of Lennon on one wing and Bale on the other is pretty mouthwatering!

  2. You’re right there Mattyboy,Lennon and Bale would certainly stretch teams to breaking point,Although I prefer Bale making his runs from left back as it gives him more space to play into when Modric pulls the midfielder closest to him inside.

    One more thing if you like pace in your side how about Kyle Walker at right back as well,now he is quick?

  3. Why is he right, Foggy? I don’t think he is! I think he is making a case for showing he can play well on the wing, in emergencies. This is an emergency. That’s all. He has been pretty sensational as a full-back, linking up with Modric (or Krankjar). He wants to be a full-back, and the club consider him to be primarily a full-back. We have been ‘lucky’ with Modric in the middle, as, great player that though he is, he makes the centre a bit lightweight. It has been difficult enough leaving Krankjar out once Modric was fit, for the left, after some pretty good displays. What do you propose to do once we get players back from injury – leave Modric and Krankjar on the bench? Sell them? BAE/Bale is good on the left, Bale/Modric is great. It seems to me you should stop and think on this before.

  4. Sean,I agree with Mattyboys comment regarding Bale performing admirably on the left which he is,and that the prospect of Lennon in the same side is tantalising,yet I have written that my preference is to play Bale as left back.

    As for a central midfielder I’m hoping Harry will give Gudjohnsen a start soon and that is where I would like to see him play as Defoe and Pav seem to have a natural understanding.Yes I realise this would mean shuffling things around but Eidur has done well in his cameo appearances and deserves a chance,but that’s the joy of a large squad.

  5. What I’m really saying is that we shouldn’t pigeon-hole players. Bale put in an excellent performance from midfield, so why not consider him as a serious contender for that role in future.


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