YOUR VIEW: Who is your Spurs Man of the Match vs Everton


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Following Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 win against Everton at White Hart Lane, we want to know who YOUR Spurs Man of the Match is.

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  1. Kaboul for Hudds??? Are u kidding me? That put Spurs on the back foot! What was Harry thinking??? Cud hv easily brought in BAE, push bale on left midfield and put Modric in the middle. We got very lucky 2nd half. I m sorry, but Harry doesn’t know what he’s doing at times. We were so pleasing to watch in the 1st half. If we were to get better, we need smone with more tactical knowledge making the calls. And Harry isn’t that man.

  2. Sooo right SpursMalaysia. I know it seems harsh to write such things when we are 4th in the league, won three on the trot, and and chugging along nicely in the cup… But at some point we will need to face the fact that Redknapp will not take the club much further forward. He has steadied the boat, he saved us last year. He will probably get us into the Europa League. But he lacks the tactical skills to compete at CL level and, more importantly, he lacks the knowledge of the world game and international transfer market to sign the kinds of players who will succeed at that level. Levy should give him a golden parachute and ask him to step aside in June…

  3. SpursMalaysia – I think you are wrong. You are recommending 3 changes when one guy goes off instead of 1. That is likely to disturb things more. I think he made the correct decision.

  4. missed too many chances in the first half, second half really abysmal. luckily we got the points. but i dont see Kaboul in the first team, he is second class. but he's probably the best person to bring on to steady the midfield, although we were still pinned back and had to count our lucky stars donovan missed that open goal shot.


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