YOUR VIEW: Wigan 0-3 Spurs – The return of Pavlyuchenko


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So Roman Pavlyuchenko has come off the bench to give Harry Redknapp food for thought by scoring two goals in the 3-0 win against Wigan Athletic.

What are your views on the game?  We want to hear your views on everything from the performance to should Roman Pavlyuchenko start against Bolton on Wednesday night?


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  1. Come on Roman Pavlova! All he needs is to be givne a chance, why he keeps playing Crouch I do no know. When was the last time Crouch came on and made an impact like that. Give him a go against the Toffees!

  2. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but why we don’t play PAV instead of Crouch is beyond me. Pav and Defoe would be a legendary partnership. Glad to see Defoe run to Pav for the aftergame hug, They looked like pals, hope we’ll see them on the pitch together soon. Did anyone see Harry’s reaction to Pavs goals, he actually didn’t look happy…looked like he was thinking ..”.Shit, what do I do now, I was hoping he would show everyone I was right not to play him”..

  3. I have been saying this since Harry came. He just doesnt like Roman, and if arry dont like you thats it. All the players he buys are triffic, an he brings them with him everywhere. Roman everytime he has come on, has given us something different. He is miles ahead of crouch in every department. Super first touch, clever clinical, has vision, can get that extra yard and can pass the ball. What can crouch do, yet week after week arry kept choosing Crouch or keane regardless of how crap and ineffective they were. Harry questions his attitude, I know exactly how he felt, I had the same situation with my sat manager. He would only play players he knows, and likes, regardles, the manager sticks to his favourites. And like Pav I got frustrated I knew i was better that the players playing, but never given a chance. Week by week, month by month, how can you not expect his attitude to change for the worse?, he is being treated worse than a dog, losing belief in himself and not being allowed to do what he loves. I hate Harry same formation, same players regardless of who we play. We got a great group of players here, if we had moyes or o neil, 4th would have been in the bag.

    Great stuff Pav, super pav, i fely so happy for you, and did u guys see harry’s face after the third goal, he did not want pav to do that, because it clearly shows what a bad manager and man manager he is.

  4. You lot are just keeping our 4th place spot warm, wait until you drop points (again) when you play the Toffes, you sure to come unstuck. Lol

  5. What a wonderful afternoon!!!!!
    It is now obvious that the Spurs forward that at present has lost his touch is Crouch and that Pav.
    deserves to be in the starting 11.HARRY HAS TO TAKE HIS BLINKERS OFF.
    Another great cause for satisfaction is the fact that the conceited self proclaimed expert LAWRO
    HAS GOT YET ANOTHER SPURS RESULT WRONG.How he keeps his job is a never ending source of amazement.

  6. I’m happy for Pavlyuchenko he came in from the bench and scored 2 goals he seems to have the support from all the team-mates especially Defoe who came in the pitch after the game to congratulate Pav … did anybody see Harry’s face when Pav scored the second goal? I know he has this monotone kind of face but he almost looked upset kinda like he doesn’t wanna be proved wrong … either way Harry please play Pav more often

  7. Well done Pav, good substitutions modric and pav, shows how strong our squad is, Come on Harry defoe and pav up front against Everton, this will be a real test of how good we really are.
    Any eleven should take care of Bolton on Wednesday.

    COME ON YOU SPURS!!! 4th place is there for the taking.

  8. Pav has to be given a chance. He’s way better than that useless plank crouch. Harry must be blind or just plain stubborn stupid if he can’t acknowledge that.

  9. Great game for Pav but an even better game for Spurs. Difficult pitch but we got stuck in and battled hard, thought Kranjar was MOTM but would concede that it was Pavs day

  10. I am so glad for Pav! He came on and gave us an other dimension. I’m so fed up of watching Crouch start week in week out, he is so sub-standard, and all of the defenders have got him figured out. Harry talks about effort and work rate…Did he see Pav’s second goal? He battled for the ball and poked it in. Honestly I doubt Crouch would ever put such effort in (probably trip over his own legs and then stick his tongue out). I really do hope Harry gives the lad a chance, we need a decent run of goals and Pavlichenko looks like he can bag them. PAV & DEFOE upfront…WOW …. Can’t wait!!!!! (But I fear I may have to)

  11. Super Pav did more in 20 odd mins than Crouch did in 90 Crouch ain’t a bad player but not in Pavs class hopefully Redknapp will give a run in the side now otherwise I think the fans will turn or all the Spurs fans I know will

  12. Harry has done a good job so far but I think his preference for playing Crouch has an adverse effect on the way we play. I’m sure Crouch is a nice feller,trains hard etc.(which seems to be Harry’s problem with Pav) but when he is in the side we seem to want constsntly play off him….long ball through the middle hoping for a knock down. He ain’t that good with his head, no Gilzean for sure ( showing my age here)and no Berbatov when the ball is at his feet.I like to see well constucted goals….shows the team are not one dimensional. If you take Defoe out of the picture then we are not getting many goals from elsewhere. Our midfielders are not chipping in with enough. Don’t care too much for Lampard but he is always worth 15+ goals for Chelsea in all competitions.The goals Pav scored today,particularly the first came from some good football and I am sure the same would apply if Gudjohnsen were up front too. He had a terrific partnership with Zola who is a Defoe type of player. So come on ‘Arry give Pav or Eidur a run and keep Crouchie as a sub. Let’s start to play with a bit of flair and let other teams start to worry about us a bit more.

  13. If Harry didn’t want Pav to do well, he wouldn’t give him 20 minutes at the end of the game. He’d go with Eidur instead.

    Harry said after the game that Pav’s been training really well the last couple of days. So he gave him a go.

    I don’t think Harrys the kind of manager who really cares who plays as long as the team is winning and were playing well. If you do well in training and games, you’re in the team and that’s it.

  14. Old Timer, I think Harry came in at a time when it was impossible not to improve things, equally I think we have quite clearly the 4th best squad in the Prem this year, esp if you take into account Torres injuries this year at Liverpool…Harry IMO has not managed the team to the position they should be in, I think we have under performed at times due largely to his management…Pav did very well today and let’s hope it gets better and better for him…and us…

  15. Tophobunty.

    I think you’ve summed it up a treat there. Fair play to Redknapp for pulling us out the shit last year, but he’s clearly picking players on favouritism rather than ability.

  16. I though when Pav scored his second it looked like Harry had just been given news that his wife had been shot and the Taxman had taken his hornby train set…..

  17. Did you hear the booing when Defoe came off, I thought it was the Wigan fans, but my cousin and his mates, who were at the game, rang me, telling me the spurs fans were booing Harry for taking of Defoe, and not crouch. Our thoughts on the sub was that, as crouch was poor, this would reflect on Pavs game,but pav proved him wrong.I still think Harry will not start him, until the spurs fans force his hand again,the man still, for me has a hidden agenda against pav, but this what us fans think of pav Harry!!! super super pav super pavlechenco, ok .

  18. Just watched Harry being interviewed after the match and he says Crouch is playing well, come on Harry who you kidding he’s 4th choice in my book and i’m sure most other Spurs supporters would agree. He’s unable to hold the ball up his touch is pathetic and his passing is at best wayward. Come on ‘H’ forget your favourites and get Super Pav in the starting line up along side Defoe then we’ll have a chance of finishing 4th.

  19. Pav is so much more of a class act than Crouch. If Harry had played him all season, instead of Crouch we could have been aiming at 1st place rather than fourth.

  20. I dont see how Harry cannot start Pav againsnt Bolton and Everton now. After tonight Harry must realise the fans opinions of Pav and that he’s in danger of the faithful turning against him if he continues to shun him.

  21. I totally agree with all the pro-pav comments and also suspect that we may be nearer 3rd in the table at least if Pav had played more as I reckon he would have put away a few crucial goals against the likes of Hull, Stoke and Wolves when we needed them.

    That said I don’t want Harry to pick Pav because of fan pressure. If fans start running the club to that extent we could be in trouble (Newcastle anyone??). I want Harry to start Pav because its the blindingly damn obvious thing to do and it might proove the old geezer can get his head out of his backside, swallow his pride and do the right thing for thfc and right now that is clearly to play Pav. That said I know I’m nit picking here and I appluad the fans calling singing his name like that. I think that really gave the bloke heart. Did you see him appluading the supporters at the end?? Maybe if Harry picks him and he scores a few we can convince the bloke to stay next season through our adoration. That should be our job. COYS.

  22. Well he was just going to score wans’nt he! He has to start against Bolton and perhaps with Gudjohnsen alongside. Strikers need confidence and more games he plays the more effective he can be. Makes a mokery of him wanting to go and us perhaps losing out on a decent player. I think too much burden has been put on Crouch and Defoe and he may give us the spark we need to push on and have a strong finish to the season. Hopefully this mid-season wobble is past and we can turn in some good results. I thought despite the huge slice of luck this was a very important win and not easy on what can only be described as a pitch more suitable for cabbage growing than playing any kind of football on. Shame about King but again not surprising – bit miffed why the club are going to give him another years contract when we have bought Kaboul, I suppose this guy is going to linger on the bench as well collecting his hefty wages.

  23. It’s a shame Harry is being unfair to Pav at the expense of our finishing in the CL position. From Pav’s performance this season (Leeds and Wigan) I find it hard this player has been ignored and kept in the cold when we have Crouch constantly misfiring and the lack of goals. I am certain Pav would have scored the penalties against Everton, Leeds and Bolton and scored agianst less teams like Stoke and Wolves. If we had won those game, we would have been top of the premier league and already sure of CL!
    Please Harry!!! Let Pav start against Everton and Bolton and use Crouch if need be as a substitute!

  24. Old man Redknapp prefers his old mate players. Pav didn’t play
    for Portsmouth or West Ham so he’s buggered. Sad but true. And he
    never admits he’s wrong so expect Roman to get another 20 minutes
    against Bolton on Wednesday.


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