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Roman Pavlyuchenko - Tottenham Hotspur News

God loves a trier so they saying goes. So do football fans it seems. But why?

Why is effort so important? Why do we British value effort over ability? Do we let other professionals off with deficiencies if they are at least giving it their all?

“He may not know much about medicine but he is very keen and brought his own scalpel.”


I like talent. And skill. Lazy genius is right up my street.

That is why I love Roman Pavlyuchenko. Something about someone who possesses a great gift but chooses to use it sparingly strikes a chord.

Since we bought him Pav has divided fans opinion. Brought in to replace another lazy genius in Dimitar Berbatov in 2008 could it be a case of once bitten twice shy for Spurs fans?

He has hardly been prolific in his time at the Lane, scoring 40 goals in all competitions but this is from just 69 starts plus 40 as a sub.

He wasn’t helped that he was brought in by Ramos who quickly departed for known Eurosceptic Redknapp who famously once told Pav, via a translator, to “just f****** run around a bit”. Roman would net a late winner in that to vanquish Liverpool.

Pav is not one to pull hopeless punts forward out of the air like his Bulgarian predecessor, no his is a game based on movement. Pulling into a position away from the defender to make a yard to tap home from close range (Inter Milan at home) or unleash his sledgehammer of a right foot (Young Boys away).

I once heard him described as having the touch of a league one player, the brain of a championship forward, the movement of a top premier league striker and the right foot of a Norse god.

And that would be enough for me every day.

However, his inability to be the holdup man lead to the club going out and getting perhaps the only taller striker in world football who is worse in the air… Hi Peter.

Crouch was limiting and frustrating, not frustrating in the sense of Pav who would seem to do very little and miss quite often, Crouch would seem to do an awful lot and miss. Or more likely fall over.

This is when Pav first started making noises about leaving. But wouldn’t we all if a circus attraction was brought in to do our job with seemingly no greater return?

I can only think there were no serious offers for him in the summer so that is why Harry was forced to bid farewell to Crouchy once again to join the Land of the Giants in Stoke.

Now it appears his time may finally be up. Ade is keeping him out the first team and Defoe is the go to sub. Yet everyone who watched the Rubin Kazan game (both of us) got a glimpse of just what it is that makes this man so special.

His free kick into the top corner to win the game could not have been struck any sweeter, or harder and it once again caused a twinge in my heart.

Yes other players try harder and tend to look like they care but so what? Trying is boring. I will sit through three games of nothing just for that one moment, that one touch of genius, which makes the Lane rise to its feet.

I love him and he loves me. I like to think that little heart he made down the camera after his goal at Old Trafford was just for me. A moment for someone who understands.

So leave if you must Pav, you are not of your time, if you play in Italy or Spain you will get the recognition you deserve.
Goodbye sweet prince and don’t f****** run about. Just be you.

In closing, a thought. Have you noticed that he applauds us every time we sing “Super Pav”? Just a thought.

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  1. Completely agree, I adore him despite all his faults.

    Interestingly, he averaged a goal every 123 minutes over the 2009/10 season and one every 165 mins last year. Not bad, eh?

  2. Hes awful, why cant you people see this, he is a poor mans centre forward hope he never pulls on a spurs shirt ever again. Cant trap a ball, hes greedy, cant win a header missplaces 90% of paces he plays….. this is good player is it?? Your sunday leagues side wouldnt accept it so why should we? The quicker we get rid the better!! Should never of been brought in the first place complete panic buy!

    • errrrrrrm……


      Dropping Van der Vaart??? errrrrm. How about NO WAY!!!


      not sure what to reply to that. Ahhh, got it… What a terrible idea, Pavlyuchenko, form aside for a moment is about four hundred and ninety seven thousand times better than Defoe. Defoe whould not even be in the Premier League, tis only because of Harry's man-love(see Harry/Crouch or Jol/Jenas) he is the definition of a headless chicken, he can't hold up the ball, he's actuslly useless in the air, not particularly good in the air and his finishing is more often than not terrible. Defoe also NEVER, EVER scores in the big games; of his 71 league goals for THFC, a massive 53 have come against teams who were in the bottom 6 at the time. One more thing, penalties, as a professional, JD has taken 18 spot kicks and converted 6, no striker should ever miss a penalty, when one does so, it should be an aberration. For Jermain, it is the norm.

      Roman is a player who needs love, what love is given to him comes back ten-fold, his performances in the Russian national team are consistently excellent. Pav clearly loves Tottenham or else he would have buggered off but he must now know that HR simply doesn't rate him. A no9 like Super Pav needs a run of games, maybe as many as six just to find form and rhythm. He is good in the air and blessed with 2 good feet, his technical range is broad and he can play as the lone striker, one of a pair or the 'false no 9' in an attacking trident. It must anger him to see JD picked , particularly in light of the aforementioned number 18's dreadful form last season. I imagine he was also quite cross when Redknapp first brought back the useless past it Robbie Keane and then followed that up with the purchase of the even crapper Peter Crouch to play ahead of him.

      Sadly, Pav is gonna leave and he will do so with us having never seen even a fraction of what he is capable of. i think Redknapp's record of signing and managing goalscorers warrants careful examination actually, go back a bit and we have Florin Raduciou (sp.?), Marco Boogers, John Utaka (70k a week!!!!!) etc, etc, etc. Resigning Keano was his idea, as was resigning JD and Crouch. In fact the only successful front man Harry has signed is Rafa and he was brought in without Redknapp even knowing about it!

      This is the best squad that Tottenham have had since the advent of the Premier League, only a complete wastrel could fail to get us in the top 5 yet Harry would have us believe that a top 5 finish represents a great achievement. Perhaps we have become slightly spoiled in expecting so much but come on, we have a team that is on paper a match for ANY side in the world on its day. Personally, I was hoping the tax case against Harry would be heard this summer past, that he would get found guilty and sacked. I think Ancelotti is nailed on for the post if and when Harry leaves.

      The former Chelsea boss is a coach of the highest calibre (ask Maldini, ask Seedorf, ask Shevchenko, ask Inzaghi, ask Pirlo or ask Berlusconi). At Spurs, Ancelotti would have a group of players that can be world beaters – I am talking League titles and major continental silver. For the first time he would have complete control over the first team (this was not the case at Milan or Chelsea yet he still delivered trophies) He certainly wouldn't turn his nose up at a genuine chance to win the Europa League. For me that says all you need to know about the scale of HR's ambition.

  3. What a load of shit you spout ! Ask yourself this why could’nt Ibrahimovic be a success at Barca because great players like messi xavi iniesta work for the team not there own personal plaudits, As for Pav I always backed him until preseason where he didn’t even try unforgivable he may be talented but It’s his decision to waste it not the fans,

    Get rid of him he can’t be relied on and if you want spurs to be successful we need players who will give every last ounce of sweat for it

  4. What a load of shit you spout ! Ask yourself this why could’nt Ibrahimovic be a success at Barca because great players like messi xavi iniesta work for the team not there own personal plaudits, As for Pav I always backed him until preseason where he didn’t even try unforgivable he may be talented but It’s his decision to waste it not the fans,
    Get rid of him he can’t be relied on and if you want spurs to be successful we need players who will give every last ounce of sweat for it

  5. He could not trap a bag of wet cement ; his heading ability is worse than a 3 foot pigmy and his attitude most of the time is not up to scratch.

    The most annoying thing to me is that he is an undoubted talent and if he did 'run about a bit' or broke into a sweat or started to lead the line as he showed, then Adebayor would not have been bought in. Pav is a tenth of Adebayor, which for the money we spent is not good enough (WTF did we not get Suarez when we had the chance)

  6. After all this time I'm shocked that people are still backing Pav. He has had numerous opportunities to prove himself. As a striker he lacks pace, technique and does not have a decent footballing brain. I disagree that his movement is his saving grace. At times, playing with Pav is like playing with 10 men… but worse as he constantly gives the ball away before the final third of the pitch. He scores the occasional spectacular goal but they are far too occasional to warrant a starting place in the team. Even when he does score he has usually been anonymous for the rest of his time on the pitch. Whatever you say about Crouch, at least his work ethic meant he could be useful when called on for defensive duties when our backs were against the wall. Whenever I watch Pav play I simply can not see what he has to his game. I would rather have Bent back than Pav, and believe me I was no fan of the former.

    I can only assume that those defending Pav do not watch enough games. Surely there can be no other explanation.

  7. i love pav. He’s only a squad player now as we have some great forwards but for a third choice striker we could do alot worse. Will be sad to see him go Whenever that is!

  8. There is no doubt that he does provide movement off the ball – unfortunately its inevitably into a ridiculously optimistic position where no one will ever find. He's a good finisher when it suits him – but Ade has shown how valuable a hard working intelligent forward is to the team.


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