You’re the boss: Who should start for Spurs vs Bolton?


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Tottenham Hotspur face Bolton Wanderers in an FA Cup replay this evening with a tie against Fulham awaiting the winner.

Will Harry Redknapp keep faith with the side that beat Wigan, or will Roman Pavlyuchenko get a rare start?  Have your say by leaving the starting line-up you’d like to start, below.

Here’s what we have gone with:-


Corluka Dawson Bassong Bale

Bentley Palacios Huddlestone Modric

Defoe Pavlyuchenko

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  1. I agree totally with Gard, and believe we should be doing this as much as possible untill Lennon is fit (When fit play Lennon Krancjar Palacios Huddlestone Modric with 1 upfront (Pav or Defoe).

  2. Perfect line-up as long as Crouch isn’t on the field or even on the bench. Is it just me or are we growing tired of Harrys love affair with the weakest beanpole on the planet. He is fantastic at knocking the ball on to the opposition, superb at missing sitters, and truely awesome in his lack of tracking back. This guy is the worst buy of Harrys tenure but he still persists with the numpty. We have become so predictable this season- Gomes out to Dawson, Dawson looks up and sends it 6 yards to Crouchys head and he kindly gifts to the other team. Constantly moaning to the referee about non-exsistant imfringements. This guy is the complete polar opposite to what we want to see on the pitch. Harry for all his experience used him for the Stoke, Hull and Wolves games at home against 3 of the biggest sides in the Prem. He was battered for the whole minutes when we should have been playing football on the deck. The Villa game, fans calling for a change up front but still ‘Arry persisted with ‘Crouchie’. Are ‘Arry and Crouchie good enough to get us 4th spot?? Defoe has shown petulantance recently, think it may be a lack of service from Crouch!!

  3. Gomes (been consistant all season esp at home)
    Charlie Dawson Bassong Bale (keep bak4 as it is)
    Bentley palacios niko/modric rose
    Pav Gudjonson

    Gomes has been consistant all year especially at home, plus we aint got no good back up so he is a certainty.
    The back 4 has been solid 4 most of the season. Bassong has been ok but Dawson has been a revalation this year and deserves the captaincy while charlie is solid and ive always prefered Bale to ekotto.
    Id like us to be adventurous in midfield and expose boltons soft centre thats why i think we should start with either nike or modric in the centre with sergent wilson in front of the back 4. id go for bentley on the right as he has done well and the pace and direct running of danny rose who i have been extremly impressed with. and up front have pav on the last man with eider gudjonson playing off him. Defoe needs a rest while crouch is obviously a selfless player for spurs but is desperatly out of form in front of goal. This team would demolish bolton 2nite guranteed. Yid 4 ever

  4. Can’t argue the starting lineup. I would possibly have Kranjcar come on for Bentley and Gudjohnsen come on for Defoe/ Pav for last 15-20 minutes of the match (depending upon the score).

  5. Harry has already said that he tried niko on the right and it didnt work thats why he put in bentley. its totally different coming inside as a right footer from the left than it is 4rm the right wing

  6. Are Defoe and Pav too similar. Both are very much poachers.

    Perhaps try Pav and Guðjohnsen? Or Pav and a five-man midfield? However, swapping formation may be a little too far for such a crucial game.

  7. I think Harry has said he’s going to give Eidur a game so it should be a front pairing of Eidur and Pav,but I would also like to see Walker given a chance ahead of Corluka as his pace and crossing accuracy could mirror Bale,as well as lessening the impact of Lennon loss.

  8. You gotta play Kranky, Bentley,Palacios,Kranky,Modric, go forward and bag a hatfull,I just cant see what Huddlestone actually does???ok the odd bullet of a shot but my 3 year old could knock him over!!

  9. id keep team as above but astart with kranjcar instead of modric, modric had great impact when coming of bench against wigan, id keep him fresh for the everton game.

  10. Bromleyyid,

    Yep I recall Harry commenting on that very subject,his view was that with both Modric and Kranjcar on opposite wings there was a tendency for the centre of midfield to become a little congested as they both like to come inside,

    This however could be rectified if Walker was the right back as his desire to overlap would keep the opposition left midfield and full back from following Kranjcar into the middle.

  11. Now, I am not Crouch’s biggest fan, but I am surprised to see nobody suggesting Pav + Crouch up front tonight. Rest Defoe tonight & bring him on should we need. We need him ready for Everton. Crouch started playing better when Pav replaced Defoe. If all goes to plan, bring Gudjohnsen on as sub. We shouldn’t start him until he has had more minutes on the pitch.

  12. I’m with Humdinga…. I can’t believe Huddlestone keeps on getting picked. In my opinion at least Crouch does try, not good enough though. But Huddlestone as a midfielder does not really provide anything….. for example, how many actual goals has he set up this season? How many goals has he scored? How many tackles does he make and win the ball back for us? All these are part of a central midfield player’s role. Sorry but he would not play in my team and Harry needs to replace him in the summer if we have any real chance of moving forward.

  13. Walker for Corluka and Rose for Modric. Humdinga Huddlestone works hard, puts in some good tackles, passes well and has a great shot. Not fast but he did dribble past three Wigan defenders the other night!! Crouchy definately off form but I would much rather see coming off the bench to change a game rather than starting every time.

  14. Hi parklandlad. Hudd has 3 assists in league. Which doesn’t sound like much, but in terms of central midfielders it is a good amount. Only Ballack, Barry, Gerrard, Lampard and Fabregas have more. I would also suggest that pretty much only the same names have more goals than him from central midfield. It is Hudd’s first premier league season – he will improve and is doing pretty well. We keep playing him because we have nothing better in central midfield – certainly not Jenas. Other aspects of game will improve, but for now he is doing enough for us to be 4th in a key area of the pitch.

  15. Redknapp has said he wants to give Gudjohnsen a go & he’s done well in training, so I expect him to start really. He’ll be upfront alongside Pav or more likely playmaking allowing Thudd / Wilson a rest. Not sure Eidur’s a good signing, but hopefully he’ll prove me wrong. Modders will start seeing that he only featured from the bench at Wigan. COYS

  16. Perhaps Jenas needs to write off this season. Take a good summer holiday, watch the world cup (from Tahiti or anywhere BUT South Africa) and see what level of football he SHOULD be playing. Perhaps after that he will start for Spurs in August playing something like how he was 3 years ago… I am a little surprised that we haven’t tried him on the right – in Lennon’s absence. He has played there in the past a bit.

  17. I am struggling to pick a Team we need to rest some players for Everton on Sunday.Everton are Energized like there neighbours Liverpool and its a toss up whose players disappear first with the weight loss both teams beat UTD using loads of Energy so we need to rest players to match these energy teams. Its no surprise to see Everton clime up the table even with all there injury’s. The weight loss should tell you why , and two players who have bean out for months playing at a very high tempo and forgetting you cant show your muscles when you score are all little sines . Thats for Sunday i will tell you more before why they don’t miss there stars.My team for tonight GOMES CORLUKA DERVITE DAWSON EKOTTO ROSE MODERIC PALACIOS BOSTOCK PAVLYUCHENKO DEFOE SUBS KANE CROUCH ALNWICK DEFOE KRANJCAR

  18. Dav, you have Defoe both in your starting line up and on the bench. Who’s Kane? I take it you mean Keane? He’s on loan at Celtic. Lastly Spurs still respect the FA cup and were always going to play a strong side. I would’ve been seriously upset with ‘Arry had he played Bostock and Dervite this evening.


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