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The focus shifts to Old Trafford tonight  where Spurs face Manchester United in the Carling Cup, with a lot of fans are already debating about what the team should be.

The Spurs faithful are already waiting to see if Redknapp will make changes to the side.

Here’s what we have come up with (leave your starting line-up in the comments area, below):-


Hutton – Dawson – Bassong – Bale

Bentley – Jenas – Palacios – Kranjcar

Pavlyuchenko – Keane

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  1. Kranjcar is cup-tied so Bale LW and BAE LB. I wouldn’t bother with Pav as he is virtually gone now. Defoe and Keane to start and Lennon is well rested after his injury so I am inclined to play him. UTD’s ‘kids’ will be harder than people are giving them credit for especially at OT with their 12th man. The ref

  2. I am very suprised the team at Spurs-web are not aware Nikko is cup tied???

    Gomes, Hutton, Dawson, Bassong, Bale, Bentley, Jenas, Palacios, Dos Santos, Keane, Defoe.

  3. As Kranjcar is cuptied – he’s no go!

    Hutton – Dawson – Bassong – Bale (experience for the future of spurs CB’s)
    Bentley – Jenas – Palacios – G2S
    Pav – Keane

    Walker – Naughton – BAE – Hudds – Lennon – Crouch – Defoe

  4. we cant start with bale as we wont win !!! defoe and pav up front with 4 man mid ( lennon , huddlestone , palicios and bentley . Then back four of hutton , dawson , bassong and ekotto and of course safe hands heureleo in goal ……. cmon you spurs **** on the manc’s ………….yid army !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Gomes

    Naughton Dawson Bassong Bale

    Bentley Jenas Palacios Dos Santos

    Crouch Keane

    Dawson/Bassong are starting I read. I’d have Pav but I think his head has already left so I can’t see him being very bothered.

  6. Why is no one suggesting Crouch to start? I would do Crouch Keane – give Defoe a rest. Lennon on bench to throw on if we need – however with Kranjcar cup-tied I wonder if the loss of width would be too great. Is Dos Santos fit?

  7. Gomes

    Hutton – Dawson – Bassong – Benny

    Lennon – Jenas – Palacios – Bale

    Defoe – Keane

    Not sure how many yellows Wilson is on but if it’s 4 then I would put THudd in instead so he doesn’t get booked ofr the Everton game this weekend. IMO there is no point playing Bentley if Crouch or Pav aren’t starting. Let Lennon run riot against Fabio

  8. gomes
    hutton dawson bassong bale
    bentley jenas huddlestone dos santos
    keane crouch (only coz hutton loves the long ball)

    hope they give rose a runout at some stage

  9. A few points observed from above teams:

    Alnwick: Looked shakey so far. No need to expose him to old Trafford on TV in Semi final!

    Bale: Redknapp is convinced that he is a left back. Not much chance of him playing LM. This leaves a problem on left as Kranjcar is cup-tied. Perhaps Lennon left, Bentley right?

    Bentley: Has to play. Either to regain form, or to be in shop window.

    Rose: We have recalled him from loan. He may not be ready yet, but it could be great experience for him if he could get on at some stage.

    Obika: Can’t play him – he is at Yeovil right now, getting good experience – leave him be.

    Hudd: No one has suggested him. It may be ideal for him. (however I would go for Sgt Wilson+Jenas)

    I would go for Dilly Crump’s team, but resting Defoe for Crouch – if Gio is available.

  10. i think harry should put a couple of our youngsters on the field like danny rose and kyle naughton soo that they can have some good experience against a a concreted top four opponent…. COYS

  11. Gomes Subs

    Hutton Alnwick
    Dawson Naughton
    Bassong Asso Ekotto
    Bale Huddlestone
    Dos Santos


  12. GK GOMES
    RB Hutton
    LB Bale
    CB Dawson
    CB Bassong
    RM Bentley
    CM Jenas
    CM Palacios
    LM Dos Santos
    CF Keane
    CF Crouch
    Asso Ekkoto

  13. I only said play Alnwick cos I would like to give Gomes a rest and spare as many nailed on first teamers as possible from getting injured. I am not bothered about the Carling Cup this season, it has to be about 3/4th.

  14. Harry is going to waste one of world football future great talents Dos Sanos. If hee had Messi when he was young he would have sold hm and said he’s too small. How can he get 2 game for Barcelona andjust 3 for us. He can play on either wing or upfront where he would be more of a threat than Robbie Keane to score goals if Defoe was not playing this guy is a full international. I’m sorry to say but if he was English hee wouuld not be such a forgotten man is henot in the world cup he must be praying to Draw England to show them what time it is.

    All the great managers Ferguson and Wenger blood there youth Harry just takes away there confidence one he decides who his favorites are last season after dos santos’s great performance against shacktar he was talking aboout o’hara what a fool… That’s Harry he said he made a mistake with KP Boteng well this one going to be worse


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