Zidane: Bale is unique


Zinedine Zidane says Tottenham’s Gareth Bale has impressed him more than any other player in Europe this season.

The midfielder who is arguably the best midfielder ever in world football has been tipped to join Real Madrid’s coaching staff next season and likes what he has seen in Bale.

Zidane was present to watch Bale in action against Lyon in February and believes that the Spurs winger has all the attributes to become a top player. To have this level of praise off someone of the calibre of Zidane is a massive feather in the cap of Bale who was once again superb during our 2-1 away win at Swansea City.

He told Sky Sports: “This year the player who’s impressed me most is not actually playing in the Champions League. He’s playing in ‘the other cup’, and that’s Bale.

“He’s unique. He makes things look easy, his pace is frightening, his acceleration is unbelievable because of his ability to go through the gears in very little space.

“Plus, he’s very good technically which is also important. We mustn’t forget that he plays football very well!

“And he’s really impressed me. I’ve seen him two or three times live, including recently at Lyon, which wasn’t necessarily his best game, but where every time he got the ball he can surprise you.”

The World Cup winner doesn’t feel Bale is yet in the same bracket as Messi or Ronaldo but isn’t far off.

“He’s perhaps not quite at the level of the other two, but he’s different,” Zidane added.

“So personally I don’t think he’s far off.”

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  1. So did Zidane contact Sky Sports to offer his opinion on Bale? or was it a question of Sky Sports contacting him, doing their level best to perpetuate the Bale saga knowing full well his connections with Real Madrid and that any complimentary comment by him concerning Bale, will only fuel more speculation that Bale is on their radar?

    I suspect that even if Levy comes out and says that Bale is definitely staying at Spurs, the bottom dwellers will still persist with the same diatribe about Bale off to a so called bigger stage week in week out.

  2. The "bigger club" sure worked out for the big-nose Croatian didn't it.
    Sky make me sick. Bale hasn't even hinted he wants out, we haven't hinted we'd consider offers, yet every week apparently he's to big for a Champions League club.


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