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Well we have had a GREAT GREAT season. Yes it was the best chance in my living memory of winning the premier English League. Leicester ? Bizarre ! No tattoo on my arse !

Temperamental ! No just mental.

The Chelsea game was not our finest moment but it has been coming. Poch who is normally reserved and thoughtful on the sidelines had become in recent weeks a bit of a Klopp – living every kick in pantomime style – pounding the ground as if he supported Millwall in the 70’s and the ground was a Happy Hammers face.

The frustration of the Baggies game carried through to Stammerford Bridge and instead of letting footy do our talking we became nasty. Going back to the Bagpuss game old Delli Ali was wound up all game (with purpose) and eventually after one last shove into the box by the talent-less Yacob (and Poch look alike), he lost his temper – right hook (poor right hook). Was a ban. Lamela was mental to stand on Last-gasp’s hand whilst pretending to look the other way. Should be a ban but Linesman got it wrong. Dier should have clearly been sent off for two flying tackles. Would have been a ban.

Dembele grabbing that poor old man’s face (who was pinching Dembele’s back through his shirt) was a bit girlish and ridiculous. Got to be a ban. What was Poch doing on the field ! Got to be a ban. Vorm goes mental ! Could be a ban. Big fracas at the end of the game involving Costa, Poch and lots of others. Got to be a charge of bringing the game into disrepute NINE yellow cards that is ridiculous and shameful. Is a fine and got to be a charge of bringing the game into disrepute. I love a hard tackle and I am all for some edge to a game but…. this is not competitive it was nasty. We seem to lack discipline.

The pressure clearly got to us and I do blame Poch. He is the leader of the gang – he must control the mood in the camp. Also discipline at corners would be nice. Think of Huth, Dawson, and Cahill for recent examples. Chelsea were pathetic and it is a good indication of our progress when they are proud of a draw – actually it was their best result and achievement this season !!

Systems Analysis !

I was moaning (because I am English and a Spurs supporter) about how we don’t see out games from winning positions -games that come to mind : one goal lead against the Arse (10 men), Arse away, WBA home and away, Leicester away. Two goal lead against Stoke at home and at Chelsea away. That is 14 points lost from winning positions. We need to control and manage a game to see it out.

We need 3 systems of play : dominate and control to score, dominate and manage to keep other team down and lastly to transition from the latter to the former to get back momentum after conceding a lead. We currently have only two modes attack and attack (of nerves). When we are in our dominate and control to attack, and transition to attack we are absolutely brilliant. But if we don’t convert to get that 2nd or 3rd goal we start to look lost for inspiration.  You can bet with this offer that we will win our next match.

Transfer Market

That is where we need another Eriksen or a Striking alternative. (“striking” as in someone who is a striker – not someone who is noticeably attractive !). Chadli has not filled either gap (although I am told he is good looking) and neither yet has Son nor Carroll. This is where I think we will buy this Summer – another striker (or two) and a playmaker.

Current Squad

Wow everyone has done so well…. everyone has improved (except maybe Lloris & Eriksen who were brilliant to start with). Notably Toby A. has made the biggest difference. Our defence was solid ! Best in the league ! With cudos to Rose and more so to Dier who has been remarkable this season. Dembele and Lamela have both stepped up to the plate. Delli already gets loads of plaudits for his astute play, deft touches, and striking ability. Eriksen, Lamela and Ali have been phenomenal in the distance they cover. Kane has completely converted me (who cares what I think !) he was world class from mid/late Autumn – that boy can get 30 goals if he gets a faster start (a rest in the Summer wouldn’t go amiss). Great goals Harry !

Poch has transformed them. They are fitter, taller and more handsome than any other team in the world ! (except maybe the Dutch and the Tutsi who are ridiculously tall for no good reason – perhaps the Dutch are tall in case of flooding). Who can forget the humiliation at the hands of Man Shitty last season turned completely around to humble them this season. This WILL be the first time in a very long time that we will finish above the Gooners…and it won’t be the last.

Sod how amazing Leicester’s story is ! I could not give a flying f#@k ! We have been the best team in the EPL this year. We outplayed every team (EPL) this season (except 2nd half against Chelsea at the Lane). I am looking forward for next Sunday at the Lane to thank the boys for a truly great year (unfortunately just from my sofa in Houston*). I am thoroughly looking forward to next season. The Spurs having learned so much from this season have the EPL at their feet. Let’s not let this one get away.


*I only moved to this miserable land of Gun toting, stupidly large truck driving, White, homophobic, racist Christians (Texas) so that I could watch Spurs live every (EVERY) game of the season !! Unless of course I am home in England on holiday when I only see them at the Lane if I am in London !

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