Gallery: Player Ratings – Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur

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Dom Le Roy

Lloris – 9

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Credit where it is due – he was magnificent tonight. He was saving his kind of chances but he also adjusted superbly at times. You needed a heroic keeper performance on a night like this and he delivered.


Match Summary

What a great night of European football, an exemplary away performance, above all a team effort and a passage into the quarter finals. What an achievement. Congratulations to the players, the manager, the club and those magnificent supporters who were out there.

In the first half hour, we weathered a storm of Dortmund pressure. Did we manage to play too high and defend too deep at the same time? We certainly brought some of that pressure onto ourselves by not retaining possession. Pochettino then moved Son into midfield, and Spurs to banks of five and four, more successfully suffocating Dortmund possession and out of that Spurs themselves began to retain the ball.

Second half, Eriksen gave away possession, Sissoko played a stunning through ball (more about those two in the ratings) and Harry Kane produced a very, very high quality finish. From that moment, the spirit had gone from Dortmund and the tie was over.

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  1. Apart from his tackling, passing, heading, corners and free kicks, Eriksson had a great game. What game were you watching?

  2. I acknowledged Eriksen’s all round contribution but 79% pass completion is still less than I would expect from our stellar passer of the ball.


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