Gallery: Player Ratings – Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Brighton

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Dom Le Roy

Alderweireld – 7

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The greatest danger we were ever under was when a long shot got blocked and Toby had to hurry back from his sort of midfield position. Hard working and secure, as you’d expect. In a night of physics (see Llorente) he defied the laws thereof by hitting the inside of one post before we watched the ball spin off for a goal kick on the other side.

Match Summary

Are they the perfect games? The ones you suffer through for eighty-seven minutes and then find release, ecstasy, nirvana? Is that the kind of no match that defines a season, whether it’s death or glory? Spurs won. The previous ninety minutes are, let’s face it, largely irrelevant. But here goes …

Pochettino decided to show his studious side, unfurling a formation from the mid-twentieth century, a five man forward line: two rapid wingers, two tricky inside forwards and a lump of a centre forward. It wasn’t the worst idea offering width early and some threat, in particular from Lucas. Then the five increasingly became a static line all turned helplessly towards Eriksen waiting open-mouthed for him to throw them a fish.

Just as it became desperate, Eriksen collected the ball on the edge of the box and Brighton were finally hoist by their own petard – a line of at least eight players stood between keeper and ball – and Eriksen delivered (us from purgatory). Another win in this stadium … of sound.

Keep it to yourselves but I think the Brighton goalie might be an alcoholic – every time he had to kick the ball, he needed a drink!

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  1. Wanyama over-rated. I don’t think he won a single aerial challenge and his passing was abysmal. As for a 9 for Eriksen…. apart from a sensational strike he was plain ordinary

  2. Agree, Eriksen owed us that… he has been far from his best for most of the season. Hugely underrated, massively overrated…. He’s an enigma as they say!
    Wanyama still finding his feet, he’s been out a long time… but does he belong at Spurs!


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