PLAYER RATINGS: Watford 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur

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Two great headers for which he can’t be blamed. A generally effective performance otherwise.


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Mauricio Pochettino talks a lot about ‘fight’. The Spurs team demonstrated a lack of it in two quite different ways. In the first half, they played with no urgency and performed, as they sometimes can, as if the result is to be a foregone conclusion – winning just a matter of time. In a critical period in the second half, their lack of fight was evident when they were completely bullied off the park. Watford deserved their win.

Spurs haven’t been right in any of the games this season and Pochettino spoke about knowing that to be the case in the course of the week. There’s been a sense that they’ve ‘got away with it’ in each of the games this season. Today, they didn’t.

Pochettino, whatever he may say in public, will be livid, doubly so since this wretched international break has fallen just at the time when the players should be learning from this experience.

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  1. I didn’t get to see the match in the US, and don’t think I’ve ever been to your website before BUT… It sounds like a typical Spurs game when they lose. To me there are 2 teams, one with Kane, Dele & Erickson. The other wit Maura, Son & Coco. The second plays quicker, more aggressive & more effective. That group give defenses fits & I think they’re better.

  2. Agree with the marks other than Alli who did sweet F…A..
    Nothing on the bench to seriously alter what was unfolding same old same old.
    Lack of ambition/organisation in the window leaving us with the same failings as per.
    So Brave

  3. What a farce! Whilst we cant exactly glorify the defenders, the front 3 were the culprits… What on earth do they do? No efforts, no one to shoot with some conviction? All tip-toeing as if it was their God-given right to win? Watford had more determination and willingness to win after the own goal. Kane hardly puts an effort and Dele always miss passes? The fact is it is the same old Spurs going nowhere and winning nothing! Just look back at all the corners we got and NOT ONCE we caused even the slightest panic in their defense – always outjumped, outplayed and well covered. Too many problems – we were lucky in all our wins and I could see it coming! Shame on the players…also coaching and MP – cant you even teach the basics???
    Spurs 0 Liverpool 8


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