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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Tottenham is one of the most prominent teams in the English Premier League (EPL).It is facing Arsenal this coming Saturday at Wembley and millions of Tottenham and Arsenal fans are making predictions. Will The Spurs beat Arsenal? Will it be a draw match? Or will Arsenal win? These are question that will haunt many between now and Saturday.

Well, if you take how Tottenham has been performing lately and a few other things into account, you would predict a win for Tottenham. It is so easy to predict the outcome of the Saturday game that Premier League is offering lower betting odds. The team has lower odds due to the following reasons;

1. Tottenham Is Playing at Home

It is quite obvious that Tottenham will beat Arsenal in their upcoming game due to the fact that they have a home advantage. The match is going to take place at Wembley Stadium, which is the home turf of the Spurs.

In football, playing at home is a huge advantage for a team since it gets more support and motivation from the majority of the fans at the venue than it could ever need to perform well. The visiting team, on the other hand, usually lacks the same kind of support and motivation and therefore it’s more likely to lose to its opponents.

Tottenham has an overwhelming advantage over Arsenal this coming weekend and so we expect it to win. Go to Bet365 and place your bet on Tottenham to win on Saturday.

2. Tottenham Are Determined To Take Revenge

The Gunners recently beat the Spurs 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium. That was a few weeks ago when Sanchez, a talented scorer was still with Arsenal. In fact, it’s he who gave Wenger and his team a second goal, only a few minutes after Mustafi’s 36th minute goal. Now that it’s Arsenal’s turn to be hosted by the Spurs, it is obvious that The Spurs will utilize that opportunity to take revenge on Arsenal. The fact that Sanchez is no longer in the lineup means the Gunner’s are no longer as lethal as they were with him a few weeks ago.

3. Tottenham Is Unbeatable At Home

If you look at the performance history of The Spurs this season, you will notice that the team has won or drawn 99.9 percent of the games they played at Wembley. The only team that beat them 2-1 on their home turf this season is Chelsea. Other matches have been a win or a draw for Tottenham. Even top teams like Man Utd and Liverpool have been beaten hands down by the Spurs at Wembley and I don’t think the outcome is going to be any different with the Gunners.


When it comes to Tottenham’s home matches, the results are very much predictable and that’s why Tottenham’s Premier League odds tend to be lower. I already know what the outcome of the Saturday game will be.

You can easily predict the correct outcome of that match by taking the above factors into consideration. Tottenham’s home advantage this coming weekend and the fact that it is determined to take revenge on Arsenal could mean a win for The Spurs. Also, look at the performance history of the Spurs and it will tell you what to expect from them this weekend.

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