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Dom Le Roy

Even though we weren’t at our best, we won. Because of us beating Cardiff 1-0 we ended up third in the league. Looks good on paper, but we must remember that Arsenal, Chelsea, City and Liverpool hadn’t played on the same day as us. So third it is, at least for a while.

Saturday turned into Sunday, and we’ve dropped down to 5th in the table. Not enough goals against Cardiff means that Arsenal has leapfrogged us. They beat Fulham 5-1.

We’ve not only got to beat the teams that are put in front of us, but we must also get maximum goals as possible. If we had taken the advantages that were presented to us, then Arsenal wouldn’t have ascended to a higher position.

Tottenham have had one of their best starts to a Premier League up to this point in the season. But we mustn’t rest on our laurels.

Chelsea also beat Southampton 3-0. Both Arsenal and Chelsea’s games were high scoring. This season is going to be a highly competitive season between Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Arsenal and ourselves. But out of these I’ve just named one of them is going to end the season disappointed. And after United’s turnaround, they could also end up being in the mix.

Liverpool and City helped us out by drawing their game.

As things stand at the moment, Spurs and United looked the weakest out of the six teams.

The weekend of the 20th sees Chelsea take on United, Huddersfield takes on Liverpool, City face Burnley while we face West Ham at their ground. Then on the Monday Arsenal take on Leicester City. All winnable games for the top four teams. We Must win our game against West Ham to stay amongst the pack. The following week we face City at Wembley. Should we lose then it could be a hard struggle to get back amongst the quartet.

The team we put out against Cardiff I don’t think is good enough to be amongst the elite. But if we should get back our injured players then it will be a different ball game. At the same time, we are hoping that the top four sustain injuries or poor form to even things out a bit.

Apart from Pochettino’s first season when he finished 5th in the league, I believe – up and until now – this is the most mediocre team performance I’ve seen in a Spurs side. But that could change, had better change if we want UEFA Champions league football in our first proper season at the new stadium. We also need some silverware, but I think we’ll get knocked out of the League Cup, as not only doesn’t Pochettino rate that tournament, but he will probably send out a weak team against West Ham after playing City a few days earlier. After that game, a few days later we travel to West Midlands to take on Wolverhampton Wanderers. In their first season back in the top flight they’ve only lost one game, and none at home. So, a weak side against West Ham, who will surely take this League Cup competition seriously. That leaves the FA Cup.

I can’t see us progressing to the next round in the Champions League, after our performances so far, so that will push us into Arsenal and Chelsea territory; Europa League football. Good luck with that one!

Realistically; we can only aim for a top-four spot and an FA Cup Final.
I am also hoping that the January Transfer Window will be more productive than the Summer transfer window. But that will be fraught with problems. Clubs are not too keen to sell in January, and that is if Levy will buy when he has a considerable debt to sort out. Any players offered will be at inflated prices.

This year was supposed to be an exceptional year for us. Instead, it has turned into a fiasco. Delays in stadium work, no purchases in the Transfer Window – the first club to not purchase in Premier league history – and uncertainty about some players and the manager’s position (speculation and all that).

If we don’t improve, I can see the likes of Kane and Alli going for higher riches, and the manager rethinking his prospects with Levy and club.

We are two points behind City at the top, which means we are in a good position; true, but at the moment we got there by the seat of our pants. For us to continue rising like a Phoenix from the ashes we will need luck, skill, fewer injuries and Pochettino getting it right when selecting a team from his squad, and making the right substitutions. Simples, really!

But it is early days… as I keep saying. But soon those early days will turn into the end of season territory and before you know it… well, you can guess the rest. But, as true Spurs loyalists, we’ll keep our fingers crossed… what else is there to do!?

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  1. You can’t help but think that our real problems have been fatigue. We’ve got a better team than Arsenal. The injuries to Alli and Eriksen are a blessing in disguise as they badly need a rest. If they come back up for it then I’ll be feeling pretty positive.

  2. Far too pessimistic. We’re in a decent league position despite a massive injury list and several who are coming back to fitness for the start of the season. The performances will come.

    Champions league results have been very disappointing, but we’re not out of it yet.

  3. Amazing difference from the gung-ho ‘onwards and upwards with Poch and Levy’ tripe of only a few weeks ago! Spurs are in real trouble, and if the deluded posters above are too stupid to realise it, more fool them. At the moment we’re on target for a CL exit at the first hurdle, and we’re not in the top four, or likely to be, so the nightmare scenario of no CL football at the new stadium (if we’ve even got into it by next season!), and no money for transfers, has become all too plausible, and then what for Spurs? Blind faith might move mountains, but it doesn’t win football matches, in case the happy clappers haven’t noticed.


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