Would Thiago Silva be a good addition for Tottenham

Thiago Silva is a name known by all football fans. He has been a brilliant CB in his career, is available on a free and has been linked with Spurs. But is he worth signing?

There are definite pros and cons in signing Silva.


He has played 88 times for Brazil, is still a member of the squad and his reputation is second to none. He has played in both Serie A and in Ligue 1. Silva has won 14 trophies in his career although 11 of them were for PSG and is still rated as one of the best CB’s in world football.He would be able to join on a free and it would be on a short term deal. Signing him would surely lift the squad especially the defenders. There is a chance he may even be the idol of some of our younger players. Due to his experience and calmness on the ball he would be an excellent option to bring off the bench to see a game out if needed. Due to his adoration in his home nation, he may even be able to expand the Spurs brand further in Brazil. He may want to start his coaching career and having him at Spurs coaching our defenders could only be a good thing.

Tottenham’s defence has been surprisingly shaky this season and look set to lose a leader in Jan Vertonghen at the end of the campaign.  Silva would no doubt boost the club’s hopes of Champions League qualification with many taking advantage of a betfair promo code review to back the North Londoners to qualify for European football’s top competition for a fifth successive season.


Silva is 35 and would be 36 in September. This might be too late in his career to make a worthwhile contribution. He has been playing for PSG since 2012, would he be able to cut it in a superior league? Defending for PSG against much lower quality teams would be massively different to defending for Spurs. The pace of the Premier League has been known to cause players to find it difficult to settle, this is something that could also go against Silva. As a high reputation player, he would likely want a high salary. He is currently on £325k a week but has said he would take a HUGE pay cut to stay in Europe claim The Sun. However, he would presumably want over £100k which could be spent better at Spurs. He would also have to learn the language and settle in the country. Spurs are currently looking to let Vertonghen leave due to his age but Jan would be able to fulfil the role of seeing games out from the bench just as effectively as Silva.

Overall view

If this was 5 years ago or even 2 years ago, Silva would have been a world-class signing but he is just too old to make the grade now at Spurs. He would be too slow and I don’t think he would adjust in time to make a telling contribution unless he was to join for free and not want any money in wages. Due to finances being tight, money will be needed elsewhere and this signing would be more style over substance if it came to fruition.

If you disagree or agree, let me know in the comments below.

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