£10million Bentaleb bid rejected

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Tottenham Hotspur have rejected a £10M bid from Schalke for Nabil Bentaleb, according to the Daily Mirror.

The Algerian international is currently banished to the under-21s while he looks for a new club. His frustration at losing his place last season irritated the Spurs head coach and reconciliation now seems out of reach.

Bentaleb has found himself behind the likes of Eric Dier, Victor Wanyama, Mousa Dembele and Dele Alli in the White Hart Lane pecking order and is expected to depart before the window closes.

According to the report, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy values the 21-year-old at £15million and wants the Bundesliga club to dig deeper after they received £37million for the sale of Leroy Sane to Manchester City.

Bentaleb burst onto the scene under Tim Sherwood towards the end of 2013 but it looks like he has played his last game for the club. All he has to do is ask the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor and Andros Townsend who have upset Pochettino previously.

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    • Spot on. He didn't follow Pochettinos.'s instructions. His casual mistake meant we lost to Man Utd 1-0 in the first game of last season. He's arrogant and has a poor attitude, rather like Adebayor. Better off without him.

  1. I realize that my opinion might be the minority, but IMO Nabil Bentaleb is a better DM than Victor Wanyama. I`ve seen Wanyama in the first two games as a Spurs player, and yes he scored from 2 yards out with a header, but overall he looks pretty average to me. Slow to play the play, and in possession, not technically gifted. At 21, how is Bentaleb replaced by him? Pochettino seems to have a fondness of alienating players in training. This could come back to haunt us.

    • Bentaleb is arrogant. He thinks he is better than he really is. I thought Wanyama has played well in both games. I've never seen Bentaleb have that good a game for Spurs. Could never understand what Sherwood saw in him.
      He was injured, but ignored Pochettino's request not to join up with the Algerian team. He was picked to play by Algeria and made his ijury worse. No manager can put up with that level of disobedience especially after getting a big pay rise on signing a contract until 2020.

  2. I don’t think I like poch methods, axing any player who he has issues with. Will his pride make him let go a player that can win us a cup?? That is just too arrogant of the little empty CV coach

    • Well there has been NO better, or successful, manager than Alex Fergusson over the last 30 years in the top flight of English club football and HE MOST DEFINITELY AXED ANY PLAYER HE HAD ISSUES WITH NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEY WERE! For example, Roy Keane, Ince, Stam & Van Nistleroy all fell foul of Fergusson. If a player upset Fergusson they were finished at Man Utd. I'm afraid tolasashi you just don't know what you are talking about.

  3. Definitely a player of potential and don't know what has went on behind the scenes, but we were defensively awful with with Bentaleb as our defensive mid and are now defensively awesome. Thus bentaleb would have to either work hard and be patient to get into the team or move on. The latter appears to be the case

  4. Bentaleb was never that great as a defensive mid. He passed sideways and backwards far more than forward and he always seemed to like it when a player tried to dispossess him. Being sideways and ponderous is bad for a holding mid. Last, and maybe it's not surprising considering his style of play, but he *always* struck me as negative. It's interesting that a lot of that has come to the fore in the last week.

    All that said, he has potential but 10 mil GBP is more than adequate for someone "not in the plans."

  5. Townsend was never the same after his injury, Bentaleb won't be after his surgery. Potential yes, but potential doesn't bring home the bacon. Got too big for his britches. He and his outrageous salary are something we need to lose, if only to restore harmony to the dressing room. I mean, paying him more than Harry Kane? Don't hold out too long Dan.

  6. I am sure he will shine and shine good. That backwards and sideways tactics always formed part of Tottenham team play.. that tactic come from the manager and coach! He is a very accurate passer and has the natural dribbling skills if taped by his coach – just like mahrez.

    I wish they had loaned him for a season or 2 as he is still very young.

    Good luck to him but he will be missed if not now soon – eventually!


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