A little bit of creativity can’t hurt? Part 1

Well, I’ve been meaning to write an article once we have a good display of goals but I think that’ll have to wait. So this is the first half (till we get there).

No doubt there are frustrations amongst us fans and even the whole management team for not getting goals in. I think by focusing on maintaining a strong defense, AVB has overshadowed our goal getting. I’ve heard players say that our strikers are brilliant in training but the other teams defend ever so well against us that it’s almost getting impossible to get to the back of the net. We all know that Soldado is a top, top striker but not providing him proper deliveries is the reason he isn’t scoring as much as he can and it’s leading to him being frustrated.

I’ve been reading articles on here focusing on the wingers and I agree with everyone of you that they aren’t displaying top quality chances to look dangerous at, but how about we look over to our central midfield for a bit?

Holtby – Paulinho -Sandro have been our CMs for the last couple of games and although their work ethic has been amazing, they just don’t seem to be giving to most as of what should be created. It is more defensive and this is the possible reason for being defensively a bit too strong. But what if we triggered a little bit with this?

I’d like to see us go into the first 50-60 minutes with Eriksen – Holtby – Paulinho . The reason? More creativity, more attacking and sufficient work ethic for defense.

While Eriksen can play the perfect no.10 role for us along with Soldado, Holtby can be right behind him for pressuring the opposition and getting the ball back at crucial areas. Paulinho on the other hand and keep interchanging with Holtby and they can both fall back when needed defensively. This provides more passing around the final third and HOPEFULLY can create more chances for us.

For the second half of the game, we can bring on Dembele and Sandro/Capoue for a more defensive display after getting infront with possible goals. This will keep our squad rotation more active and cause more problems for the opposition’s attack.

It’s just something I felt we could do with the squad depth we have available at the moment and we should be making complete use of it. It’ll only help us get better…

(Part 2 soon)


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