A little bit of creativity can’t hurt? Part 1

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Well, I’ve been meaning to write an article once we have a good display of goals but I think that’ll have to wait. So this is the first half (till we get there).

No doubt there are frustrations amongst us fans and even the whole management team for not getting goals in. I think by focusing on maintaining a strong defense, AVB has overshadowed our goal getting. I’ve heard players say that our strikers are brilliant in training but the other teams defend ever so well against us that it’s almost getting impossible to get to the back of the net. We all know that Soldado is a top, top striker but not providing him proper deliveries is the reason he isn’t scoring as much as he can and it’s leading to him being frustrated.

I’ve been reading articles on here focusing on the wingers and I agree with everyone of you that they aren’t displaying top quality chances to look dangerous at, but how about we look over to our central midfield for a bit?

Holtby – Paulinho -Sandro have been our CMs for the last couple of games and although their work ethic has been amazing, they just don’t seem to be giving to most as of what should be created. It is more defensive and this is the possible reason for being defensively a bit too strong. But what if we triggered a little bit with this?

I’d like to see us go into the first 50-60 minutes with Eriksen – Holtby – Paulinho . The reason? More creativity, more attacking and sufficient work ethic for defense.

While Eriksen can play the perfect no.10 role for us along with Soldado, Holtby can be right behind him for pressuring the opposition and getting the ball back at crucial areas. Paulinho on the other hand and keep interchanging with Holtby and they can both fall back when needed defensively. This provides more passing around the final third and HOPEFULLY can create more chances for us.

For the second half of the game, we can bring on Dembele and Sandro/Capoue for a more defensive display after getting infront with possible goals. This will keep our squad rotation more active and cause more problems for the opposition’s attack.

It’s just something I felt we could do with the squad depth we have available at the moment and we should be making complete use of it. It’ll only help us get better…

(Part 2 soon)


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  1. It would be easier to just sell two of the four defensive midfielders and bring in creative playmakers into midfield.

    There is no need at any club to have 4 defensive midfielders. None of the ones at Spurs can shoot or know how to pass the ball forward intelligently.

      • I think I know what your getting at but your command of English or grammar in general isn't great.
        Word of advice write it out on paper or an email before submittal. Eg I dont think you used the word sophisticated correctly. Probably meant congested or something. My own take is certain players are not releasing the ball at the right moments, ie dribbling too much. OK Andros is easy target but 1/2 others like Dembele too. Lamela is a player who knows when to go & when to give an should b persisted with. Eriksen is low on confidence so isn't showing enough. He needs more game time. Tom Carroll has great vision and would be great at putting Bobby in-such a shame. Don't worry we are going to give someone a hiding soon.

        • You're*

          You might find mistakes in it because I like my articles being posted around the afternoon period to get everyones views on it and since I'm a university student, I write it whenever im free, i.e, on my phone and post it up.

          We cant judge all the players at once. They all will take time to coordinate well. Our defensive display has been amazing because it's nearly the same back four as last year

  2. Holtby hasn't been playing in central midfield. He has been playing behind the striker. I agree that it would be better to play Holtby behind Eriksen.

    Alternatively play Harry Kane behind Soldado, Eriksen on the right, Townsend on the left and Holtby behind Kane, in central midfield.

    Tom Carroll would be the perfect solution in midfield, if he was available to return in January.

    • Sorry, I wrote this article on my phone so I avoided expanding on what I met with Central Midfield, I was just going in for an overall CM although CAM is Holtby's position a.t.m.

      Kane would fit in well but it'll just lead to our center getting more sophisticated which will not be suited for good passing.

      Tom Carroll will be a great addition but he will return only by next season..

  3. How about we move the ball upfield a bit quicker instead of AVB's 400 passes anywhere but forward that we use at present.No wonder teams can set up strong defences,it takes us most of the first half to get out of our half.Just a suggestion.

    • We do have the ball more than 60% of the time in the opposition's half but due to weak wings, there is less creativity in chance getting..

  4. What about Lamela? He is a must – if we want creativity. There's no reason why we shouldn't be playing him together with Townsend. Although Townsend needs to be spoken to about not shooting at sight, from long range – and not trying to find the free man.

    • I said this was going to be solely on our central midfield….If you've read my earlier articles, you can make out im a huge Lamela fan already and hoping to see more of him

  5. AVB needs to rethink his plans. If his tactics are coming up short against west ham and hull it doesn't fill me with confidence for this campaign.
    I'm already looking towards next manager as AVB's period will be a dark one. The game should be played with the spirit of going for it not sitting back scared

    • I think you're a bit wrong there. AVB is still a very young manager. He was a top scout and second man for Mourinho but since he parted ways with him earlier than completely developing, he has alot left to learn. Give it time and it could happen. ..

      • And I think your wrong. We will see when he does nothing. A top scout means nothing. Who did he play for and what did he win as a player ?

        • I may be wrong but I dont think not backing our manager who has one of the best winning average in our club will help either. It doesn't matter if he played or not, its the understanding of the game. In that case, why has Maradona been a fail manager?

          • If you were proper Tottenham you would want us to play our original passing game. Our great sides of 61 ,71 ,81-84 ,91,and recently 2010 all had success playing the fast paced passing football that is Tottenham and you would see and know that.

            In answer to your point Cruyff, Beckenbauer and Klinsmann were great players who have had success as managers as they have the inside expertise of playing and understanding football and footballers.

            Maradona was a cocaine addict and messed up a lot of things. That considered hardly surprising his management career wasn't no grate shakes.

            You and others can think what you want but for me his body language, nervousness and lack of understanding having not played at professional level tells me he is not the man to take us forward. If that's the football people want at the lane then that's what we will continue to get. The team won't gel and play fast paced football as he is too cautious as this is his style of playing

          • yep yep, probably thats the reason he won 3 manager of the month awards and his nervousness brought in confidence in gareth bale

          • Gareth Bale won Player of year in 2010 as well so you going to give AVB credit for that. As for manager of month award he still blew a 7 point lead

            Not yep yep you little prat. No no. Now go away idiot. I shut you up about Maradona and I will continue to shut you up


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