Alderweireld frozen out fears

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According to The Mirror Toby Alderweireld fears he is being frozen out of Tottenham after failing to agree a new contract.

The article adds how the defender is understood to have been axed from the squad for Sunday’s win over Chelsea without an explanation.

Pochettino’s move to leave Alderweireld out came despite Belgium boss Roberto Martinez warning Alderweireld that his place in Russia will be at stake if the 29-year-old does not get more game time.

He being chased by PSG, Chelsea, Manchester United and Barcelona with the club steadfast in refusing to meet his demands for a new deal worth £180,000-a-week.

The centre-back has helped Spurs to enjoy the best defence in the Premier League for the last two seasons however the article added that he is expected to leave this summer with two years left on his contract and a clause set to kick in next year allowing him to leave for just £25million subject to the timing of the deal. If Spurs decide to sell this summer they can command a substantially bigger sum and this looks like the most likely outcome.

What do think of Pochettino leaving Toby out of the squad all together against Chelsea? A bit of cutting his nose off to spite his face or the correct move considering that the Belgian is leaving in all likelihood. Let us know your thoughts below

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  1. No question he is a magnificent defender and i’ll be sorry to see him go. But Mr Levy has an expensive stadium to pay for and if Toby can’t see the bigger picture and buy in to what Poch is building at Tottenham then he must go and have his future elsewhere. I think he’s being short sighted.

  2. Personally, I see nothing wrong with selling Toby. I like the guy a lot, but even he must realize that his wage demands (if reported accurately by the media) would never happen at Spurs. I understand him wanting more money as he gets older, but his demands (if true) are absolutely ridiculous.

    I don’t blame MoPo for leaving him out of the squad last Sunday. Certainly remembering how ModRat forced his way out of Spurs by seemingly “disappearing” in matches, there would be no reason to put Toby in against Chelski especially with Sanchez playing so well.

  3. If PSG want to pay Toby 10M/year…then go ahead and sell him to PSG. If DeLigt is any good (I have not seen him play)…that would seem to be a good move and good business.

  4. Seems to me that if Toby has been frozen it is because of his (or his agent’s) inflexibility and demands.

    I wish that all players agents would just GO AWAY. I think that they are the worst thing that has ever happened to the game.

  5. Ĺet him or ANY player that wants to leave (or hold the club to ransom) go… we don’t need greedy players. Need players that are proud to be with us and proud to wear the shirt… support the club… not the players. COYS.

    • I pretty much agree with most of the comments made before mine, especially Ian M. Spurs don’t need ‘Mercenary-Footballers’. I know it’s old-hat but, No player is bigger than the club. If Sanchez continues to play as he has and improves still more, once he’s gone, Spurs fans will soon forget about Toby, don’t you worry about that. Toby’s agent has timed these demands deliberately, and M.Pochettino and Levy have seen it coming, and have not played ball as the had been expected to. So let him go.

  6. Hear you there Ian. The problem is that at some point in time….many players will go elsewhere and not to Spurs based on salary. I guess it is inevitable, no?

    Players are now essentially pieces of real estate and everyone that sells wants more than they paid…in some cases astronomically more.

  7. Could miss out out on fa semi and possibly final appearances plus another season in champs league only himself to blame for that so take ya money and shove it toby were doing fine without you

  8. Im shocked by the lack of love these comments cintain for Toby. I am very grateful for making our defence envied by the worlds greatest… He is obviously a target and who can blame him after liverpools january business. I am fully behind whatever Pochs thinks is right… Even though we have seen he can make mistakes too… But Toby we will miss you if you go… Youve been in nspirational…. Good luck

  9. As the fact that now a days football players consider money than loyalty and love rather,spurs developed Toby since he arrived in white hate lines so he is not bigger than our mighty spurs neither any player.


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