And take your drums with you!

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Whilst the Park Lane did well in engineering a response, especially early on, the soundtrack to yesterday ‘s Europa League exit was for the majority the tedious orchestrated noise coming from the away end.

In the front of the Dortmund corner of the Park Lane at least two drummers were sat whilst several strapping lads paid no attention to the game whatsoever and instead conducted the black and yellow ranks in front of them.

Very nice of Spurs to allow this given the treatment our supporters received at the turnstiles in Dortmund, but blimey it was painful.

The choreographed monotony of the away support seemed a total aside to what was going on on the field. When their goals flew in they hardly missed a beat and when skipper Reus was substituted there was no applause or appreciation of the elegant impact he’d made on the game – mind you there were so many banners and flags that probably very few of the contingent were aware of what had happened. (By the way – I’m sure that we’re not allowed to take instruments, flags or banners in to WHL except under special circumstances, the 125th year birthday game for example.)

We’re used to the crowd responding to the action on the field and the atmosphere growing and changing accordingly not this manufactured and artificial approach brought by the German ‘choir’. Should we have the misfortune of drawing them again I’d suggest a prepared response, maybe the Dagenham Girl Pipers in full flow in the section next to them – they’re about as relevant to football watching as what we witnessed last night.



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  1. I thought it was great, and shows how shit uk atmospheres are,.. I'm well aware this is due to the bullshit times we live in,.. Oh no, you can't stand up or bring a fucking drum or horn with you,. I told you to sit there and be quiet so all the Asians around the world can pay us a fortune to watch on tv while you 'enjoy' a stale atmosphere and rip-off price piss water in a plastic bottle which yiu have to drink in a cattle shed cos you're not allowed to sit in your seat with a beer… Modern football is SHIT.. That said,. I hope we win the league haha

  2. A spot on blog IMO. The vuvuzela was the death of crowd response to any given action. It was one big wall of deafening irritation. Apart from the fact that Germans should be banned from singing anyway, i prefer it to the plastic manufactured instrumental drone.

  3. Gosh, totally the opposite of my impression! I was in both legs, and the Germans fans were amazing to watch throughout. Lots of smiles from Spurs fans yesterday from where I was sitting, it was all good natured and the Dortmund fans made for a great spectacle that elevated this match to something beyond the pre-season friendly vibe that was going on the second half. If we had their enthusiasm, banners, songs, and yes, drums, we'd be super proud of it, surely.

  4. Best fans ever at the Lane. If you’d stayed til the end you’d have then seen the Dortmund players go into the stand to celebrate with their fans.

    Spurs ‘fans’ meanwhile were poor, loads of moaning behind me from some West Country idiots. Lots of part timers probably at their only game in a season but the support was the poorest of the season – people leaving on 70 minutes.


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