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A word of warning to AVB. To criticise the best Supporters in the world will certainly put you on a very slippery slope.

You said there was no atmosphere at WHL yesterday, well what we say is give us some decent football to get excited about.

Many years ago, before your time, there was a team called Arsenal under a manager called George Graham (and in latter years one called Chelsea – funnily enough when YOU were part of their set-up). We had a chant back then singing ‘Boring, Boring, Arsenal’. There was never any atmosphere at Highbury (in fact there was a joke going round at the time that there was more atmosphere on the Moon than at Highbury). At the same time, when you was helping Jose at Chelsea the way your team played meant there was no atmosphere at Stamford Bridge either.

There are two ways of looking at things as well, both Arsenal and Chelsea won the title playing that way, and some of our supporters would rather win things regardless of the football played, and others would like us to win things the Bill Nicholson way, with style.

But for you to criticise the most loyal supporters in the world is out of order. We go through every emotion every season, but we are always there through thick and thin. Unlike both Chelsea and Arsenal whose supporters desert them when they have bad times – it wasn’t that long ago when Chelsea were a nothing side that they had only 16,000 at the Bridge for matches. When we were relegated back in 1977, we still had ‘full houses’ every single week.
So, just remember that we will be there supporting our team for ever. If you continue to criticise us, then your ‘lease’ at the club will be very short term.

AVB, take note.

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  1. Spot on!

    Has he forgotten that the best fans in the world opened there arms to him when no club in the land wanted him!

    Be careful what you wish for because after all said and done, us fans will still be here supporting the best club in the world!!!!!!!!!

  2. Missing the point.
    Supporters can have positive or negative effect on the team.
    Right now we are having a negative impact.
    I dont want to contribute to any negative results for the team I SUPPORT. Take the message on the chin and sing harder. Just like Dawson did.

    For the record, I am also a season ticket holder. Spending cash gives me the right to moan, bitch or cheer.
    Being a supporter I do the first two in my own time and on forums. At the game I do the latter.


  3. Well, if you are the best supporters in the world, then bloody well show it, even when the team aren't playing quite the way you'd like! WHL was very quiet yesterday for long stretches.

    • I am afraid Spurs supporters will get frustrated at the team "playing like an away team"No width with shite "inverted winger policy",Bale saved us last year now it's Andros!Wingers going outside and crossing should
      be our FIRST option.Thank god Andros has two good feet and can beat fullbacks on the outside.I am no football coach but anyone can see defences can be stretched if we use the wingers going wide as first option.SORT IT AVB! and QUICK, we pay your wages.

      • Time is of the essence what avb has done has made us more solid. We also bought a number of new signings that need to gel. We are in a good position and we in the pluses with goal difference a thing we used to struggle with. With conceded 5 goals thats less then all of the top teams, and we still have not found form. I don’t know guys but it seems to me that we want it all in one go? Arsenal and liverpool have peeked way to early. Thats what we used to do and by feb we start to decline.

  4. Absoloute load of bollox. AVB is spot on we have been crap at WHL when the "smaller clubs" come calling or when we are behind. WE should take a leaf out of Palaces book, or cardiff. Support, Support, Support and at the end of the season we might have an extra point or two What a difference that would of made last season, Oh and the season before. Theirs nothing worse for a team than a self rightous football fan. Get that stadium rocking before kick off, get the away team crapping themselves, get our teams blood rushing. Get singing……….

  5. Seriously. Seriously.

    Give you something to cheer about. You go to show your support. That doesnt mean sit in your seat until we score and then get behind the team. Too many people attend games thinking they’re at the theatre. You should get behind the team from the first whistle. Not one rendition of come on you spurs, then sit down. Away from home our support is fantastic. At home its down right embarrassing

  6. The fare this guy is serving up is that of the like of George Graham's Arse anal. I don't go to matches but in the last 2 matches I have fallen asleep in front of my computer.

  7. You have to admit – he does have a point. Since the Jol days the support at the lane has got worse and worse. I used to be surrounded by guys who would not stop singing and now all I hear is whinging. We cant blame the style of play either because the atmosphere was just as awful in the Redknap era. The real problem is that as we have got successful the type of fan that has started coming to The Lane has changed. The die hard Yids like myself are slowly dying out and being replaced by those who want to take pictures of the game to put on facebook.

  8. The people who filled the house, back in 77, that you refer to, where are they now mush? The same people do not occupy the Paxton, Park Lane or shelf side at WHL.

    AVB knows the football is shit. How could he not? He is clever enough to know that the next phase our bourgeois, modern, supporters will go through is to boo individual players, boo at half time, boo at full time, write strongly worded letters to the chairman or moan to anyone who will listen to their bleating on a football phone in.

    Whatever you think of AVB you have to admire his intelligence. "You think the football is poor? Well guess what, so is your support for the team".

    So, you have two choices, prove him right by continually booing and moaning or, prove him wrong by giving loud vocal support to a team that clearly need all the help they can get. Even the referees are helping out these days.

    • You nearly got it right…it takes two the supporters and the team to create the buzz….I was there in 77 and before and now go to every home game and occasional away. The fact is we are still struggling at home to break teams down that put up the wall….the other so called top clubs have the same challenge, but they seem to be able to break the wall…it does require patience, but it also requires the skill, we have the possession which is what you need, the ball, I believe we have the players, but we are still lacking creativity in midfield to break the wall…I don't know the answer as I truly believe we have the players, but can't help feeling despondent the longer the games go without creating!

    • Listen mush, as your name implies, you are just a Kid, probably not even old enough to be out of nappies. There are still thousands from 77, me being one of them, still sitting in the same seat. You would probably be in bed for the night matches, so get a life.

  9. Behave yourself.

    AVB is the best thing to happen to us in many years and we should be thankful that Harry's 'England dream' forced Levy's hand.

    How can you have a manager shopping around for a no2 whilst supposedly being fully focused on the Spurs? Top 4 finishes or not that nailed his fate to the wall.

    We need to Sing louder and prouder every day. Haters beware, to dream is to dare!

    Never forget.

    In AVB we trust. COME ON SPURS!

  10. You cheer/support your team, not because you need outside influences to inspire you to do so. You cheer/support team because you feel proud, passionate and protective of your club!!!

    The idea that AVB launched what some media sources have described as a ‘scathing attack’ on the clubs fans is NONSENSE. He was simply issuing a RALLYING CALL for the clubs supporters to use their energies to help make WHL the fortress it once was. Villas-Boas has shown during his brief spell at Spurs that he is a passionate man who wears his heart on his sleeve, with his over-exuberant goal celebrations evidence of this.
    As a result, he is likely to speak from a organ other than his brain, at times, but in all honesty he was only saying what MOST of us who have attended WHL in recent years were thinking.

    Our away support is unrecognisable when compared to home crowd, in terms of noise, encouragement and patience/understanding, which is funny considering playing at home is SUPPOSED to be an advantage for any team!

    I know AVB has to help himself, and the team, with his starting line-ups/ TEAM BALANCE an obvious issue, but we are all stuck on LONG-TERM contracts as far as our commitment to Tottenham Hotspur is concerned, so why don’t we try to make the experience as fun and enjoyable as possible by doing our best to aid the cause.

    Imagine for one moment that you are playing for a Sunday league side, where your every misplaced pass, or turn over in possession, is greeted by the moans and groans from one particular ‘know it all’ (who started off supporting your team) on the sidelines. There is the potential, should that be a repeated theme, for you to become distracted/tense the next time you are in possession of the football, which in turn leads to more mistakes (or a confidence-shaken safety first approach which limits that which you are truly capable of displaying/producing)
    Now, times that one person on the sidelines by 30 -odd thousands and it becomes easy to understand why AVB (and I,for one) are becoming concerned by the whining, impatient, frustrated and disenchanted atmosphere at WHL, which is in danger of undermining an EXTREMELY positive start to the new campaign (all things considered).

    What David Moyes would give to have enjoyed our start to the new season, with the team boasting an excellent defensive record and sitting pretty just 3 points of the top of the table!

    Don’t get me wrong, I was just as frustrated as many would have been during yesterdays game, especially because the problem appears so glaringly obvious for me to see, but had I attended the match yesterday I can assure you that there is NO WAY I would have voiced my feelings, as that ultimately would work AGAINST that which I desire to see achieved.

    Remember, it is EASY to support your club/team when things are running smoothly, yet it is when they are NOT that your club/team NEEDS your SUPPORT the most!!!

    I commend AVB for having the bottle to speak out…

  11. AVB is a disaster and he will ruin us. The bloke spent 100 million and has the audacity to criticise us because he is incompetent. The minute this shambles of a manager is gone the better. Football is about finding space and attacking. You don't win nothing playing scared. As for the boring sideways play if that's what you want then that's what you will continue to get.

    AVB could spend a 1000 million he will never do anything. He did well at Porto as he had Falcao. Last year he had Bale. This year there's no world class player to say 'give it to him' we will see just how bad he is this year. And good riddance when he's gone

      • Redknapp made Bale. Do you pair of idiots not remember hatrick in San Siro, PFA player of year in 2010 and winning us the games to qualify for champions league. I bet when Harry put him in the middle you were singing Gareth Bale he plays on the left

        You 2 know less than nothing

        • Ruin us like he did last season when he achieved our highest pts tally in EPL history? Ruin us by improving our defensive record BEYOND recognition? Ruin us by making us into a force away from home?

          Spurs are in 4th spot, 3pts off the league leaders and have the 2nd best defensive record in the division! All this why trying to integrate NINE new players (including Rose and Townsend) into a squad/team!!!

          AVB is bloody useless, isn't he?

          Come on John, my friend, at LEAST pretend you know what your talking about!!!

          • You don't win anything for highest points total so that's irrelevant

            Defence is improving as most teams are playing one up front more and more. Plus defence looked dodgy against that Moldovan team. Hardly AC Milan back four of nineties is it. And he wanted to sell Dawson if you remember.

            Were 4th because other teams are not the force they were. Man City , Chelsea , Man U all have new managers and are regrouping whilst AVB continues to blunder and obsess with Arsene Wenger

            You really haven't got a clue. Your sticking up for AVB so it says all I need to know

        • How have you come to the assessment that I know nothing. Because I think your an idiot for wanting AVB out. Yes I do remember the hat trick in the San siro and I do remember him being player of the year. Twice. Just out of curiosity, where was bale playing when he tore inter Milan wide open, oh yes on the left. It was only last season that bale became more prominent in the middle. Under AVB. Last season, most wins, least amount of defeats, most goals scored. Most points in any premier league season. If all youve got to do is sit there and complain about the team, don't go. Stay at home and save your momey, because they won't improve with people like you moaning the team ain't scoring 6/7 goals against teams that park the bus. Which by the way we struggled with under arry too. Remember arry moaning about the fans, because I do. A lot.

          • Funny you say that I sold my season ticket to my friend this year. Not paying to watch AVB's dross football. If you want to spend your money on that crap more fool you.

            You can't convince me the May you say the more I disagree. AVB this AVB that AVB blew a 7 point lead if you remember rightly.

            Honestly you are so naive. I played football with Ledley King at blessed John Roche and tower hamlets if you believe me google it idiot. I know much more than all you plums

        • Redknapp had his merits, but AVB has unleashed Bale to his full potential. It's not me saying that: it's Bale. Oh, and thanks for respecting my opinion as I am respecting yours. COYS

  12. Should we best Everton next Sunday as we probably will I guess that AVB will be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Spurs fans should realise that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was a premier league wining team. Give the guy a break. I was there on Sunday and he was right. No atmosphere, only sporadic cheering for the players who are doing their best. COYS

    • Spot on Derek! Just another case of the uneducated (in terms of football knowledge) fickle fan syndrome!!!

      Once AVB gets the TEAM BALANCE right, we will improve dramatically. Keep the faith. I know I will.

  13. We all want the same thing and that is for the team to win. Lets be fair the team have been doing that…mostly. At the start of the season all the pundits/experts were saying the team needs time to gel. Well here we are at the end of October and are only 3 points off the top.
    The game has changed considerably since the days of our double winning side and even the Hoddle era, when I fell in love with Spurs. Teams need to change with it. AVB brings much more organization which resulted in our best points tally in a Prem season last year. A lot of players also came out in very vocal support of his man management skills.
    I say we should get behind him and get behind the team at all costs during the 90 mins. If at the end of the game they have been poor then boo them off the pitch but while the ball is in play the team need us.
    Sadly due to living overseas now I cant get to the Lane, I miss it as I went Home and Away for 30 years, during those 30 years I was guilty of being over anxious at times and have vented my frustrations vocally, so I do understand the crowds position. That said though, AVB was only pointing out something that we all know is true, at times we are fickle but on our day we are the best fans in the league….

  14. I don’t think we can make it even this

    season- let me tel y- our defense s plays

    high on the pitch wic conjests the space 4

    attackers… 4 this tactic we need players

    lik modric who can split opposit defence

    sic we don’t hv…. moreover our pitch is

    pretty small compared 2 others… no

    wonder we hv lot of possession & do

    nothing abt it especially wen other teams park

    the bus… Der s no room 4 players

    2 work it- oh I 4got abt “inverted winger shite”

  15. Warning AVB because he pointed out there was a negative atmosphere at WHL? All of a sudden Spurs fans have no tolerance for an honest manager? C’mon…

    You keep rooting. He’ll keep coaching. Moving on…

  16. Do spurs fans have a song of their own? Liverpool never walk alone, west ham have their bubbles, Stoke have their Deli-la, what do Spurs fans sing, "come on you spurs" it has a depressing drone to it, against West Ham I never heard any thing else, I got fed up very quickly.
    The Hammers fans were noisy, funny and passionate ( i know they won) surely someone can come up with a song that everyone can get behind, anyone got any ideas?

  17. A plea to my Tottenham supporting brothers + sisters get behind your team and manager all this talk is crazy. for too long we wait for something to happen at WHL rather than help make happen by making the ground buzz with anticipation, I have had to move to another part of the stadium to find some atmosphere, I need to sing and cheer the team good or bad it makes the whole stadium rock when we all get involved, players + manages come and go but we are the constant, make WHL exciting again for the supporters and make the players and manager enjoy there football, and I’m sure we will get our reward of exciting football

  18. I dont think for one minute that Cheeky was saying we dont need AVB or that he was'nt doing an ok job. For those that can read and are having a pop at Cheeky, if you read what he says clearly, he is saying that AVB should be very careful in criticising the supporters. if AVB continues to criticise, what Cheeky is saying is that the fans will turn against him, and of course he is absolutely right.

  19. We do have some fucking idiots that visit this site. Well done cockney for saying things as they are. I am not an AVB fan to be honest but give him time. But to have a go at us supporters is way out of line.

  20. As always, i agree with what CheekyCockney is saying. I actually like AVB, but i do not like the way he has criticised us. We should really be criticising the team as they have been woeful, but we dont, we still turn up and support. Yes it was quiet at the Lane on Sunday, but i did'nt hear 36,000 standing up and criticising, so AVB should tread very carefully.


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